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Game Reviewed Legacy Of the Golden Hammer - Part One, by Dr. Wario
Review Author Vitiman
Created Mar 13 2017, 7:06 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Often considered a classic of its era, Legacy of the Golden Hammer is a game I remember fondly due to a lot of its absurd scenes later in the game... which is weird, because I don't ever remember actually beating the game.

Nonetheless, I decided if I had memories of the game's ending and a lot of its story, surely I had beaten it, right? Weeellll... it seems I had forgotten the source was unprotected. Oops.
Pros Amusing plot
...yeeeeah, I suppose that's about it
Cons I can't even begin to summarize what's wrong with this game
1 / 10
Take a bad engine. Mix it in with one-hit kills. Throw in some arbitrary moving platform platforming as early as the second area. If you mixed everything correctly, you'd get a rough approximation of my experience playing this game.

You have to jump on these fish in an auto-scrolling area where touching the bottom of the screen is an instant death. In a default platform engine TGF game. OH, the game also doesn't restart the level properly, meaning you have to reset the entire game yourself if you die in this area. Probably the other areas, too! The music just resets, and the level scrolls on like nothing happened.

Awful, even for its time. Truly terrible.
2 / 10
I'll admit, the raw terrible feel the graphics have can be charming at times, but they're objectively horrible and I'm not going to pretend otherwise. Not much else to say here, you have clash from all angles, inconsistent pixel ratios, the whole nine yards. The edited SMB3 Mario sprite is fairly cute though, although it doesn't stand quite as original as it did in the past because a lot of Hello clones and similar cookie-cutter games tend to use very similar sprites, right down to giving the SMB3 Mario's eyes sclerae.
3 / 10
Inoffensive mediocre MIDIs of the era, alongside your typical poorly ripped sound effects. Boring, oh so boring.
1 / 10
I didn't even bother opening up the source this time around, even though I had done so in the past. I gave the game the opportunity to let me explore the later areas without resorting to cheating, and it wouldn't let me.

Ultimately, not worth it in the slightest.
Final Words
1 / 10
A truly shining example of just how bad a fangame can be. The worst elements of retro TGF games are present here and overshadow just about any decent or amusing content this game could have provided.

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