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Game Reviewed Kitten Command, by onpon4
Review Author Cy the python
Created Jan 14 2017, 10:04 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Kitten Command is in my top ten worst games I've played this year, and considering I played the likes of Imagine Party Babyz and Knack, It's an impressive feat for sure. Kitten Command fails in many things it sets out to do, but I feel like in order to truly capture the essence of its magic, I will need to go into more detail below, because it's not a good game.

Not even close.
Pros +It has a Mario MIDI
Cons -Boring gameplay
-The MIDI is bad
-Easy even on the hardest difficulty
3 / 10
You play as a cat with a gun. You might remember this cat from such amazing Mario games as Super Mario Sunshine, and Mario Kart Wii.

Wait no, that was never the case. You don't play as a Mario series character, you play as a fan character, which I thought was against the rules, but whatever. Anyway, you walk back and forth spamming the shoot button in an attempt to keep Mario enemies away from your wall for some reason. Koopa shells can be shot into other enemies, standard fare, but it's so boring.

The different difficulty stages are all fairly simple considering how fast you can shoot, and there's no real variations. Some enemies throw stuff you can dodge. That's really it honestly. No variety, barely any fun.
3 / 10
The graphics are incredibly standard rips, with the exception of the main character, who isn't even a Mario character in the first place. It's very, very dull. and nothing special. Typically I'd throw a 5 in there for the "effort" but the main character isn't even a Mario character, which I still think is against the rules.
1 / 10
It's a bad Mario MIDI loop. I'm not giving this the dignity of a real mention. You've probably heard this in a billion minigames.
3 / 10
It's boring. It's bad. It has a high score system technically, and varying difficulties, but you won't play it more than once because of how completely dull it is.
Final Words
2 / 10
It's a bad game with a bad OC character. It lacks content, replay value, and any real substance, and considering the baffling main character, I wonder how this even got past QC.

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