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Game Reviewed Super Mario Flashback - DEMO 2, by Mors
Review Author SilverVortex
Created Aug 14 2017, 11:03 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
flashback, the ultimate combination of 3d and 2d mario games. the seamless creativity put into this fangame is truly amazing.
Pros 3d mario-esque gameplay.
mit's big five oh.
thank you, can of nothing, for that music.
gameplay and enemy ai is as working as can be.
Cons unoriginal missions.
mario is a bit slow.
rolling and backflip take too long to charge.
tone down the super star, mors.
9 / 10
OH YES. YES. mario's physics are as clean as any 2d or 3d mario game. the impact it had on me was WOAH. but there's a twist in every tale. mario is a bit slow for a 2d game, and the roll could use a charge remove.
9 / 10
the graphics are truly a sight to behold. the effects, combined with big five oh, is the best combo ever. alas, the superstar is a bit sudden for the eyes.
10 / 10
thank you, can of nothing, for this glorious soundtrack. combined with 3d world sounds, this soundtrack is glorious.
10 / 10
Final Words
9 / 10
the gem of 2d mario, with a 3d twist. mario couldn't get any better than this.

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