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Game Reviewed MYSMB1, by metroidmetroid
Review Author CCTV
Created Jul 6 2017, 4:30 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
This is a really bad game, The first 3 levels are just the same level with some slight differences.

*Views Final Level*

Well, it's orginal, but it's really bad. It's just enemy spam, and a PIXEL PERFECT JUMP!!!! I really hate these jumps, because it just relies on timing more than normal jumps, and some people can't do those, (I can do them though.) And the end is nothing special. There's No Boss.
Pros It at least has a decent Mario engine. And the last level is different from all the other levels. There is not much to praise here.
Cons 1. (A Pixel Perfect Jump) Some people cannot do those. Therefore not letting them progress because of a trick some people don't really do well (or can't do) is really cheesy.

2. (Levels just being clones of the first level.)You Just Copied the first level twice with slight changes. They do not change much.. And I do see some missed potential with the desert stage, if you can make custom tiles. You can make custom levels.

3. (The Last level.) The first complaint is from this level. There is also enemy spam and no boss.

4. (Graphic Inconsistencies) The Main sprites are fine, but for whatever reasons, it looks like he found the image online. (Heck, I FOUND the picture used.) The Image was also artifacted beyond BELIEF!
2 / 10
With really unfair things in levels, and a, at best decent Mario Bros engine, this only deserves a 2/10...
2 / 10
The rips are fine, but combining the facts that the background can be found on Google AND the background is artifacted insanely. I would give this a 4/10...
3 / 10
It's decent, thats all I need to say. 3/10...
1 / 10
There is no replay value, there is nothing to collect, maybe if you like hating yourself, there is no replay value at all. 1/10...
Final Words
2 / 10
It's really bad, from pixel perfect jumps, to graphics that vary in quality. This deserves a low score... 2/10...

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