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Game Reviewed Luigi and the Quest for Nothing (Revisited), by lu9
Review Author GreenMasterGames
Created Jun 27 2017, 6:16 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
"Luigi and the Quest for Nothing (Revisited)". Alright, then were are actually revisiting by reviewing this game!
Pros - The fact that it uses Gatete's SMB1 Engine. And it's SMAS SMB1 style, it managed to turn into 8-bit style

-Fitting Music, In-fact, I like the songs (+1).


-Besides Bowser, we have Strongbad and The Cheat from Homestar Runner as villains(+1).

-Different Objects from non-Mario games such as The Warning Marks and the Frilled Lizards(frogs)(+1).

-Cut Scenes and Creative "Game Over Screen and Level Start"(+1).

-Last but not least, Parachute,Air-Required type of levels(+1).
Cons -Short

-Cheap-Looking design (The Rug, Parachute, and the Car)

-Physics and collisions are way-off(-1).

Wow, so lucky.
9 / 10
Since, the Game is SHORT I will describe my experiences SOME levels.

Remember about the Secret Warp Zone in SMB1?
Well, It's replaced by a real goal instead of your average pipe. Creative(+2)!

Sorry lu9 but Bullets n' Spikes are not the key for obstacle courses, considering that this is the only obstacles on the level(+1).
Also I like how you added the Lego Guy or your OC say "lolwut" that was a nice touch.

Add Gravity but at least you added Air(+1 unique).
Is adding "?" blocks necessary?
Because you run out of air and you don't want to waste air just for hitting a block.

It's Basically "Use Coins to help you travel invisible blocks." level.
Since you added a Trigger that helps you see the invisible blocks clearly.

In my opinion.... This was the most difficult level ever because you must focus on the path AND the Bullet Bills to dodge.

These points + The pros.
7 / 10
The graphics... I will say above average.
It gets 7/10 for having unique styles like Luigi,Goombas,Koopas,Mushrooms,and Fire Flowers. Instead of their defaults like in the original SMB1
7 / 10
The sounds are 8-bit like always except the skidding sound.

The Music is what gets me, it uses different tracks instead of your typical boring SMB1 music "dun dun du-" no.
6 / 10
Do you think it deseverves a replay?
if "Yes" then if your full of curiousity and get all the "?" cards.
Fine, then play it until you get all of them.
Final Words
8 / 10
Is this game supposed to be silly or funny?
In other words,This game is highly recommended, if you skip the previous versions.

GreenMasterGames Jul 16 2017, 4:10 AM
Before you comment anything, I have to admit that this is probably my cancerous review because this is the first time my review actually got in by the Q.C, the other ones were declined!
Thanks for reading.
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