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Game Reviewed 9-Volt vs. 18-Volt, by Action Lemon
Review Author Benny B
Created Jun 18 2017, 11:15 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
GREAT A++++ Game! This game is a good pass-time activity, and meant to be played competitively. There are all sorts of tricks and techniques to this game. Once the game updates to include battle mode fora more competitive scene, this game will be the best.

The game includes two great characters that go perfectly together. The game's scoreboard is amazing and provides a nice competitive scene.

The first thing recommended as the game is opened is to switch screen modes, then watch the great credits and the great creation of Auction Lemon with the help of others. Then the fun begins.
Pros The game features two characters who have an ongoing story. Great competitive scene to settle skill disputes, since there is a limit to skill, so for an ultimate "gamers" test of skill the players should trying this game.
Cons The choice of characters: only two; and they are unorthodox.
There is a glitch with the credits, but I will not mark down the creator for this because he fixed after noticing.
10 / 10
The game is extremely easy to play without any confusion (straightforward). The game has the basic game play, then there is the behind the scenes part in which your brain finds new techniques in order to beat your friends. A great pass time and competitive game with friends.
9 / 10
The graphics are very simplistic and easy on the eyes, but better graphics are always welcome (there is never anything wrong with an intentionally retro style video game).
10 / 10
The sound is also very simple and easy to the ears. The game was designed to have a nostalgic look, but not based off of anything old, so the sound effects match perfectly.
8 / 10
The game can be played over again a few times, but there is no speed running capability, nor 100% completion capability. The game only allows to get points and be your friends.
Final Words
10 / 10
"K.I.S.S.: Keep It Simple Stupid". This game has done exactly that while putting a competitive aspect into gameplay, which is hard to do.

Action Lemon Dec 4 2017, 3:00 AM
This person and their review is 100% correct. I wish more people can be more like this person with their critical eye and politeness to other peoples' games.
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