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MLSS Frog Mario & Frog Luigi By: Chrispriter [E] [W]
This is my idea of a remake for the Frog suits from Super Mario Bros 3, with my idea of new abilities such as a super charge jump and throwing bubbles.

Whats different about my new frog from the original one is just like the new style Tanooki suit from Super Mario 3D Land, it has a brim and a 2nd lighter color yellow-green on the brim and on the chest which didn't had in the original frog suit.

Luigi's Frog suit is a lighter color, yellow-green.

Have fun =)
Please give credit.

This New Frog Suit is a Reference of the Penguin Suit from New Super Mario Bros. Wii & New Tanooki Suit Super Mario 3D Land.
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The Yak Smoker May 21 2017, 1:36 PM
You took the Bubble Power-up Idea before I did! But none the less it's still a good sheet.
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