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Game Reviewed Super Gangster Bros. Tech Demo, by Mattdraw
Review Author rchammer97
Created May 28 2017, 5:11 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
SUPERDUPER short demo, but what we see here has potential. Clearly a lot of time and effort was put into this game already, and with a little extra push and some more content, this could be one of MFGG's greats.

As the name and thumbnail would suggest, Super Gangster Bros. gives Mario.... A GUN.


And yet, even though it already sounds like a crummy Mario flash game, the game has an unprecedented amount of care put into it. I'll tell you what I mean.
Pros -Beautiful spritework with smooth animations.
-KILLER music track.
-Sounds are super satisfying.
Cons -Only one level long.
-Mario moves a little fast, and is a tad slippery.
-Overall gameplay is a little shallow, and unfair in places.
5 / 10
Gameplay is probably the weakest aspect of this game so far, but it does have a good foundation to grow on.

Mario moves with WASD, aims his gun with the mouse, and fires with the left mouse button. Perfect control setup for the type of game we have here. Your goal, as you may guess, is to get Mario to the end of the level, while blowing everything's brains out along the way.
My biggest problems with the gameplay are as follows:

1.) Mario is slippery as HELL. Pressing A or D on the keyboard makes him ROCKET forward at breakneck speed, and he appears to have inherited Luigi's traction issues. The first thing you're likely to do in this game is dash right into the pit in front of you at the start of the level. He jumps really high as well, which is nice for shooting, but he has far more vertical momentum than horizontal, meaning you could end up high-diving into a pit if you're not careful to get a running start while also dodging bullets.

2.) That's all there is. You run, you jump, and you shoot. That's it. It certainly works for a game concept, and it IS fun, but I can't help but feel something is missing. Another option for progression every so often would be refreshing. Add some vehicles, a sub-weapon slot, some bonus games and secrets, something else to make it a tad less tedious. (Yes, I am aware this is only a demo. I'm looking at the future here)

3.) Do be careful with the level design. There's quite a few spots where the player will take unfair hits by jumping into spaces where there's not a lot of room to react, or you HAVE to get into enemy sights to hit them. (I'm thinking mainly of the second Koopa turret)
9 / 10
Good lordy lordy, I never expected a game titled "Super Gangster Bros." to look so GOOD. The spritework is beautiful, bright and vivid, with deliciously smooth animations. Not a trace of bog-standard SMB3 to be seen. In fact, it reminds me of the work of SilverDeoxys of the SMBX forums.

I do have to dock a point for minor graphical weirdness, like Mario turning into a Goomba when he dies, and the hologram of that chick from the beginning reappearing all throughout the level (Unless.... that was intentional?)
9 / 10
Please, more awesome remixes like the track for this level.

Sound design in general is really satifying, and it's not even all standard Mario sounds. I have to take away for a really weird bit at the start of the level. When I pick up the three Mushrooms on the floating platform, the music.... just kinda stops. I don't know why. Maybe the sounds playing overloaded the music process...? I have no idea.
(What are they even for, anyway? They don't heal... is it just points?)

It did allow me to hear the lovely ambient noise, so I guess I'm kind of grateful...? owo;;

Just fix the sound bugs, and pick music for subsequent levels that are as kickass and fitting as the one you have, and I'll say it's perfect.
6 / 10
This demo in itself is short and sweet enough that I found myself replaying it several times, just because it's so heckin' fun. I'm not sure how long you plan to make this game, but I can only hope whatever you do with it makes it a game that I will still play over and over again.
Final Words
7 / 10
Super Gangster Bros. has a long way to go, but a strong set of legs to get it there. With love, care, and a little balancing, this game can and should be great.

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