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Game Reviewed Paper Mario: Great Star Offensive, by SEVA
Review Author The_applesauce
Created Nov 10 2017, 8:37 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
It works pretty well mechanically, but design wise it's pretty weak.
Pros - Everything works pretty well.
- The art is pretty good, nothing special though.
- It's pretty fun. Maybe use a guide if you play.
Cons - The hammer feels unfinished, both in and out of battle.
- Enemies are piled up EVERYWHERE and fights are constant and grating, especially early on, when you have no special moves to get rid of enemies more quickly.
- The menus are pretty unintuitive.

Odd Complaints:
- The 8-bit Mario enemy sometimes does damage even when blocking. (I guess they randomly do 2 damage sometimes?)
- There are no first strikes.
- Maximum number of enemies is 3.
- You can use the hammer on enemies in the back rows.
- Special attacks use SO MUCH FP.
- No partners. (?)
7 / 10
It's pretty fun, but a lot of elements are rough around the edges, enemy placement is frustrating and even though you don't have much beyond the basic attack to do damage, it's still too easy.
The level designs are kind of bland.
6 / 10
It's pretty good, it's impressive that it uses original art but... it's not great, and it's not very papery. I would have preferred stolen assets even.
4 / 10
Stolen Paper Mario music and sounds mostly. It's serviceable. The constant fights made the battle theme annoy me a bit.
3 / 10
I wouldn't play it again, especially with Paper Mario Pro Mode or either of the official Paper Mario games to replay.
Final Words
5 / 10
If you really want some Paper Mario, this might scratch that itch, but you'd be better off playing real Paper Mario. It's PM64 but worse.

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