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Game Reviewed Mario Lost His Boots, by David Niemeyer
Review Author Vitiman
Created Jan 19 2017, 5:41 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Generic would (and probably could) describe a lot of fangames, then and now. Mario Lost His Boots is certainly a... unique concept, but as far as its gameplay goes it's incredibly run of the mill.

Of course, what really brings this came down is its art style and how horrifically vile it is. More on that in a moment
Pros Engine works okay, sometimes can get stuck in platforms per the TGF default engine, but it's easy to avoid
Music is... not awful? Repetitive, but not awful
Cons Disgusting, really bad graphics
Music is repetitive, just the one track for levels as far as I can tell
No sound effects whatsoever
Despite the engine being okay, Mario is still plagued with the slipperiness of the TGF platform movement, hindering precise movement
Did I mention the graphics are just really nasty?
3 / 10
You're Mario. You have a wrench and you collect keys. I'm not sure what the enemies are meant to be, but you kill them. You can also get coins. That's it.

There's not much else to this game beyond that and the occasional glitch. You can go down pipes (rather, HAVE to go down pipes, as it's how you beat the level and also how you can get certain out of reach keys) and that works surprisingly okay for 2002 standards.

Beyond that, this is just a really boring, uneventful game. Calming, surprisingly! But nothing really outstanding here.
1 / 10
The title screen treats us to a shot of Mario, minus his boots. Complete with some deliberate toenail fungus added on for good measure. The in-game graphics fair no better, depicting a really raw and ugly Mario killing... SOME sort of weird, meatball-esque enemy. Are those meant to be goombas? Koopas without their iconic shells? What even?

Pipes and ground tiles are pillow-shaded to such a ridiculous extent it would make pixeljoint.net have a collective aneurysm. All in all, a really low-brow effort that makes you wonder why Mr. Niemeyer (I really hope that isn't his real name, if only because that means he'll forever be tied to this garbage) even bothered to make custom graphics at all. They certainly make the game stand out (along with its bizarre premise), but at what cost?!
3 / 10
A handful of tunes, and it seems the same YI song plays in all the levels I played before quitting out of boredom. SO... really repetitive, but hardly awful. So just kind of mediocre.

Sound effects are nowhere to be seen. No hit sounds, no jump sounds, no coin collecting or attack sounds. Nothing. Mario Lost His Boots is entirely mute in the SFX department, and depending on who you ask... this might not be the worst thing in the world.
1 / 10
Oh my sweet lord (by George Harrison), never again. It's boring to play, it's disgusting to look at, and there's nothing really going for it whatsoever. I'd rather hit gross meatballs with a wrench myself than simulate the experience in Mario Lost His Boots.

Sorry, David. I'm afraid I can't do that.
Final Words
2 / 10
What a strange concept for a fangame, right? Too bad the enjoyment value is about on par with actually losing your boots.

Oh, and the game's graphics are nauseating.

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