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Shy Guy in Kirby's Adventure (Normal) By: KirbyLover2048
Yet another Shy Guy sprite sheet. I just love them.

No, it's not meant to be my Shy Guy FC. I did this just for fun. Give credit if used, please.
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[O] Created: Feb 13 2018, 2:16 AM
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KirbyLover2048 Feb 15 2018, 9:21 PM
-The pink frame is a new/added/custom frame.
-The title has "(Normal)" in it because I plan to do Copy Abilities some time.
zacmario Feb 16 2018, 4:04 PM
That was a good idea, shy guy looks so natural with kirby's poses.
KingGeoshiKoopshi64 Feb 16 2018, 7:10 PM
Would be a nice graphics hack to play as him! But why is he not red? I mean, sure it can easily be fixed, but still questioned why he is green on this sheet?
zacmario Feb 17 2018, 3:11 PM
Do you could make a snifit like this?
Ludwig Koopa Is Awesome Feb 17 2018, 9:46 PM
Quote (zacmario on Feb 17 2018, 3:11 PM)
Do you could make a snifit like this?

That could be a cool Copy Power imo!
Papyrus Semi Feb 20 2018, 12:43 AM
Will the abilities also encompass the unused Mini ability?
kirbstar Mar 3 2018, 10:47 PM
glad to see someone else who loves the Shy Guy family
ilikecereal449 Jun 14 2018, 10:35 PM
OMG! this is exactly what I needed!
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