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Game Reviewed Power Star Frenzy - 60 Star Final Demo, by Random.NICK
Review Author Amine Retro
Created Mar 12 2017, 2:52 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
I'm never regretting downloading this, the gameplay is fun and enjoyable and keeps it with the regular mario plot and design.
Pros -New power ups.
-shop system and inventory make the game even more fun.
-new abilities such as wall jumping, etc. work properly.
-minigames are enjoyable since you get rewards that you don't see elsewhere.
Cons -leaf spin attack hitbox is small, makes the player hate the leaf power-up.
-luigi's skills are so annoying, the player would prefer to play only as mario.
-spinjump is so short. really, really short.
-1-up... costs 500 coins?
10 / 10
The level design is not bad at all, and what i like about it is that even if the player dosen't know where he'll have to go, he'll just do the things he normally do, see enemies, avoid them, a blocked path, turn to the other way, a cannon, get inside, and when you change the mission, he'll know that he will change the way, eventually he gets a star. And putting a lot of veggies to help the player makes enemy defeating much more enjoyable. ten out of ten.
10 / 10
The graphics are beautiful, you somehow used graphics from SMW, SMB3, and more games and it didn't even clash. The tilesets makes the look even more beautiful with the background that fits with it. And they never hurt the eyes.
9 / 10
You have a good sense of music there, while it is mostly remixes of original super mario music it fits with the mario universe and keeps it mario themed. but the death and hurt sound just gives you chills...
9 / 10
I'm one hundred precent sure that i will enjoy the game when it will come out. Its a good thing you released this demo, so you'll fix bugs and errors in the full game. I'm giving it a 9 just because i'm not really sure if you will fix them...
Final Words
10 / 10
This is simply, amazing. It's a lot challenging and fun. Highly recommended.

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