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Game Reviewed Mario Looses his Hat, by Deltamatrix
Review Author Vitiman
Created Feb 28 2017, 9:31 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
What can you say about Mario Looses [sic] his Hat?

...it sure is Mario Looses [sic] his Hat.

I wish I had more to say about this buuuut this is going to be a really short review, especially by my lengthy standards. Let's just go straight into it:
Pros It's not as appallingly bad as any of the more recent reviews are making it out to be
Cons ...but that doesn't mean it's good by any stretch of imagination
Bad everything, really
Except some of the graphics I guess
2 / 10
Bad Mario engine. What more can you say? You stick to things, your acceleration is back and forth immediately and then snapping back, you have a run button but it's poorly programmed, enemies sometimes hurt you anyways when you jump on them (because of poor hit detectors no doubt), etc. etc. etc.

That said, it's nothing HORRIBLE. I have played truly horrible fangames, this is just bad and mediocre. Nothing about it stands out apart from Mario being bald for whatever reason.

It's bad, but it's not "worst game I have ever played of all games" bad
5 / 10
Almost all the graphics are ripped directly from SMAS SMB1, so it's all more or less okay. The bushes are animated at an absurd speed, presumably because the Mushroom Kingdom is experiencing harsh wind storms - maybe that's why Mario is bald? It'd be a lot easier to traverse the land if your hair wasn't constantly blowing in your face.

The text on the title screen is almost hilariously poorly made, though. So nothing's perfect, here!
3 / 10
Meh. Generic MIDI Mario songs that have been around for more than a decade. No SFX. Boring.
1 / 10
PFFFT. Sorry, the sheer idea that this could have replay value made me giggle.

...okay so I guess nobody had to know that happened, I could have easily just not typed out a textual representation of a caught-off-guard laugh. Oh well, this game has certainly driven me over the edge.

(it hasn't)
Final Words
3 / 10
This is bad, but I wouldn't give it the label of "worst ever", especially since it at least attempts to implement some basic Mario mechanics.

It's just bad. That's it.

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