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Game Reviewed Mariovania (beta), by KoBeWi
Review Author KooplissKoopa
Created Feb 13 2017, 10:26 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Well now! this was a pleasant surprise to see! i'll start off the review by saying that i'm nearly finished but already have seen the rest of the game. i wanted to get the review out as soon as possible.

I'v been a long time lurker around this website, and this game is the first that made me make an account just to leave this review... so let me start out by saying the pros...

Also, some spoilers may be in this review.

Also Also, Keep in mind that i played an updated version that can be found at the forum post for this game.
Pros -This game has the heart,soul and feeling of a Castlevania game! that is VERY impressive!

-The enemy list is VERY Diverse but there is one problem with it, that will be within the Cons section...

-All the armors,equipment and weapons/subweapons are very fun to use, and i really love how the game pretty much encourages Exploration... There is even an item that rewards you defense based on map explored!

-The Bosses were all pretty fun and pretty challenging! most of the bosses had a just right difficulty, but a few got pretty challenging. Goombfalloon being one of them. But difficult boss or not, i LOVED that fight! it felt pretty creative.

-The music selection is nice,With few exceptions. and so is the area types.

-I can't stop playing this game, Please send help!
Cons -Some graphics are terribly clashing.. But i understand this is in beta... i'll talk more about the graphics down below.

-This can be considered both a con and a pro i guess, But there has only been ONE time i needed to go find help for something major that wasn't just a few quiestions,because i was stuck. Those platforms at the very entrance of the castle could be a tiny bit more noticeable. i never even knew those were platforms.

-It seems to be pretty hard to make money in this game, the fasted way i found was just to sell equipment you don't need...

-The Dimensional Distortion kinda felt like a let down, I went through the whole game hoping there would be some kinda "Other castle" or "Upside down Castle" and there is!..... Kinda.. I really wish the Dimensional Distortion was just it's own giant castle instead of being a series of REALLY hard areas with no Save points and such. Since this is still a Beta, maybe this will change in the future but otherwise... A Disappointment.. a FUN disappointment but a Disappointment none the less...

-Another Dimensional Distortion complaint, The bosses of each Dimensional area also felt like a let down.. it's cool to be fighting the cores of Castlevania but.. Really? The same boss over and over with slightly different changes each time? Why not just unique bosses for each area? Although, By the end of the Core fights i do give credit that the Cores DO drastically change..

-The last Con is more or less just a thought i had... This is Dracula's castle right? So where is all of Dracula's monsters? if Death is present, why isn't any basic enemies like Skeletons, or Medusa Heads? Just something odd i'v thought of.

-There are some spelling mistakes, But this isn't a major problem.

-Invincibility frames can be a problem As Faster enemies can push you into a corner early on and kill you pretty quickly. Thankfully there is an item to fix the issue later on.
9 / 10
The gameplay takes a bit to get into, But trust me, Once you get into it you STAY into it! I went into this game thinking it would have bad controls and be something i play for a few minutes and never touch again, 10 days later...

I give the gameplay a 9/10 for being so fun and true to Castlevania.. But my only problem is trying to do Double/triple jumps and flying. Both of them never want to work for me and i just wish i could bind those to another key or something... At least flying...
7 / 10
Oh boy the graphics... So the Unique sprites are pretty good. But there is a real clash of graphics going on here... But i don't really want to get into those. They are fine... The main problem is enemies that use 3D models.. I'm gonna be honest. The Unagi boss, Scuttle Bugs,Huckit Crabs and Skeeters.. They all need sprites BADLY. And the hammer giant/hammer masters could use some new sprites as well... I really want to know why you chose to use Drawn to Life body sprites for Mario/Luigi/The hammer giants/masters... Aside from them. Sprites are fine by me. The new Mario sprite also looks nice and i really love the Mario Portrait.
10 / 10
The Sound was fine, the music was great. Also i did find it interesting how the Bang Star enemies use both the sprite AND sound of a Terraria Fallen Star. Overall this section was pretty good.
9 / 10
Now this section depends on how you personally feel about the game.. If the game gets anymore updates or another large update that changed some things, i'd most likely play through again. There is A LOT going on here.. this is a long and fun game.
Final Words
9 / 10
Overall, this has been an amazing experience and i will most likely continue playing this, trying to 100% it. I still really wish we could have gotten a full fledged alt. castle instead of the Dimensional Distortion. But... eh. it's not my game, i'm not calling the shots here.. Castlevania AND Mario fans, i urge you to give this game a try. See for yourself what you think of it.

KooplissKoopa Feb 18 2017, 10:23 PM
Oops, made a mistake adding "Last con" to the con before the last two... Oh well.
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