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Game Reviewed Spoopy Maryo Teaches Typing, by HylianDev
Review Author Rocky2
Created Jan 16 2017, 11:16 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Now the infamous Spoopy Mayro game gets a sequel - that's also better than the original? I'll try to avoid my review of the original Spoopy Mayro, since it's already been deleted from this site, and just review Spoopy Mayro Teaches Typing.
Pros -Funny graphics
-Good music and sound effects
-Great typing system
-Lets you retry the last level when you get a game over
-Good "story"
Cons -Short
-No real replay value
-Repetitive song
8 / 10
This game is fun because not only is the typing a race against the clock, but there's also a hilarious fake story going along with it too, where Mario is literally haunted by the "ghost" of his past. Unfortunately, it's a little short and easy, but it's probably better than having to start over when you lose.
6 / 10
The graphics are funny and quite appropriate. Unfortunately, they look a little blown up compared to the background, and they're also really basic.
8 / 10
The music is appropriately scary yet Mario-like, and I like the ghost sound effect. Unfortunately, the main song gets a little boring after a while.
2 / 10
Unfortunately, you'll probably only want to play this one or twice after you already beat it, because this game is linear and the same thing happens every time. But at least you can make hacks for it.
Final Words
8 / 10
HyrulianDev manages to make a hilarious typing game that is also a little educational.

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