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Game Reviewed Bubble Mario, by Aku Akooie
Review Author Vitiman
Created Oct 18 2017, 6:52 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Mediocre is exactly right. Why would you put that in the description of your own game, anyways? Perhaps Aku Akooie didn't have much faith in their creation

...or the more likely reason, a staffer wrote the majority of these descriptions from pre-2004 from before games had their own descriptions. I think. I don't actually know. I mean, why else?!
Pros Hilarious concept, at the very least!
Cons Pretty much everything else
ESPECIALLY the janky physics
1 / 10
The words to describe how this game makes me feel are nonexistent. It's straight up uninspired trash from a bygone era in fangaming... and yet it is also a curiosity because of its own defining feature: Mario is in a bubble.

This game is riddled with glitches and other (un)amusing facets of the default platform movement, such as not being able to jump off of moving platforms without them halting your X velocity (basically, you get stuck jumping up and then back down without moving forward at all), hitting blocks will typically get you stuck in them (a tried and true trademark of the default platform movement), and many many other bugs. Some of them are just from shoddy programming, actually! By World 3, the Koopas and Goombas no longer actually harm you, and you can't harm them either. Aku was SO lazy that he forgot to program something he had already programmed in the previous levels.

Talk about being stuck in a bubble.
3 / 10
Your typical clashing messes here, folks. Nothing to see here. Just some lava tiles overlapping in humorous ways and maybe a couple of Podo-Boos that just fly up and... disappear into oblivion. Never to be seen again... until they pop up to do the same thing a second later.
2 / 10
Same as above, just your typical uninspired MIDIs and poorly ripped SFX of the era. It's all the same basic stuff, really.
1 / 10
I somehow sat down and played until the third area of this uninspired piece of garbage, and let me tell you: it's all the same. There's nothing to keep going for. Lord knows how many worlds this game actually has, but I don't care. They all felt the same, and it was all barely playable rubbish from beginning to end.
Final Words
1 / 10
Bubble Mario is one older fangame I can safely say can stay in the past where it belongs.

Good riddance.

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