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[DL] MLSS Green Sprixie Princess Overworld By: Pipsqueak737 [E] [W]
Overworld sprites of the Green Sprixie Princess! I might try editing these into the other Sprixie Princesses or making battle sprites.
Downloads: 1660
Added: 06/12/17
[DL] PMTTYD Nabbit By: Pipsqueak737 [E] [W]
A custom nabbit in the style of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door! Includes parts to make poses.
Downloads: 1386
Added: 06/12/17
[DL] Pipsqueak's Custom Mario By: Pipsqueak737 [E] [W]
My second submission on this site. This sprite is somewhat based on the style of SMW, with moves from the newer Mario games. The shoes are edited from SMW, but other than that, these are completely custom. Give credit if used.

Next will probably ...
Downloads: 2064
Added: 07/02/16
[DL] Nabbit - Super Mario Kart Style By: Pipsqueak737 [E] [W]
Looking for more items to stuff in his bag, Nabbit decides to race in the Grand Prix!
Downloads: 1366
Added: 05/30/16
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