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Game Reviewed Yoshi's Clicker DEMO, by TooMuchMario
Review Author Action Lemon
Created Nov 25 2017, 9:41 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
It is literally one of those premade files that come with Gamemaker, but the graphics have changed to match the Mario series of games. There are a bunch of fruit bouncing across the screen and bombs popping up on screen. You must click on the fruit to gain points, but if you click on a bomb, you lose.
Pros -Decent midi music
-Small file size
Cons -Hard to click on fruit due too their small size and fast speed
-A reskin of a premade game
-Doesn't keep anything interesting except putting more bombs on screen
2 / 10
The game is really boring and you can't get much fun out of it. It is really hard to click on any fruit due to their small sprites and moving really fast across the room. The only thing it does to keep things interesting is adding more bombs as time goes by which isn't really that interesting.
1 / 10
The sprites are ripped straight out of Yoshi's Story and Tetris Attack. The background was made by some guy on the internet and it doesn't work well with the rest of the graphics.
3 / 10
There is only one track in the whole game and it is just a MIDI remix of the Mario theme. At lest it is a decent remix.
1 / 10
There is absolutely no replay value in this game unless you have no games you can play except this one and there is no internet available.
Final Words
1 / 10
This game is boring. What is worse is that the person who made this put no effort into it. It is literally a tutorial game that has past quality control! Do not even bother playing it.

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