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[DL] SMW edited grassland tileset By: DanxInc [E]
[EN]: Here's a detailed (and edited) SMW overworld tileset using the SMB3 color palette. Enjoy!
[ES]: Este es un tileset detallado (y editado) de SMW usando la paleta de colores de SMB3. ¡Disfrútalo!
Downloads: 2447
Added: 07/11/17
[DL] SMB3 custom/edited doors By: DanxInc [E]
Doors, doors and more doors...
That's all...
This sheet contains 7 custom/edited SMB3 styled doors. ENJOY the doors...
V 1.2
Downloads: 1426
Added: 05/07/17
[DL] SMB3 styled SMB2 W3-2 background By: DanxInc [E]
Here is a half-subterranean background that works similar to SMB2's W3-2 background. Yay.
Downloads: 1983
Added: 03/27/17
[DL] SMW Edited Ghost House Tileset By: DanxInc [E]
Hey guys!
Here is an edited ghost house tileset from SMW.
Hope you like it!
More updates coming soon.
Downloads: 1940
Added: 09/13/16
[DL] Super Mario Bros 2 - Custom Edited Cliff + Underground By: DanxInc [E]
I have put too much effort to this, thanks for download (if you do it).

Give credit if used, it's my first custom graphic. :D
V. 2.1
Downloads: 1362
Added: 07/12/16
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