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May 20 2019, 2:33 AM

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Our transition is finally beginning! We are officially now accepting other Nintendo franchise submissions across the board - not just fangames, but sprites, tutorials, and sounds too! Hacks are presently exempt for the time being, but we do have plans to allow non-Mario hacks in the near future, the main site software is just a bit quirky and since hacks themselves are a new submission category, they require a bit more work/troubleshooting to ensure that a franchise category can work smoothly with it.

This is just phase one of our big plan. You'll notice the site still says "MFGG", our URL is still "mfgg.net", and that it looks pretty identical visually. Well, we decided to roll out each part of the plan piece-by-piece for ease of use and to see how things go for each big part. We do intend to change the site's name and branding, full disclosure. We're in talks with merging with an existing fangame site or two once everything comes close to completion, so look forward to more information as things happen!

So yes, tl;dr - we are now allowing other Nintendo franchises to be submitted! If there are any problems with the functionality of this stuff (any bugs or oddities), don't hesitate to contact Hypernova about anything of that nature. He played a major part in getting this up and running so quickly and he wants to know if anything is working improperly. The current list of franchises in the categories is entirely subject to be added to if there is enough demand, but we figured this was a good enough amount for now. If people really want "F-Zero" as its own category, we'll make it happen. I know I'll be pushing for that.

With all that out of the way, here is your last Mario-only update!

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We hope you guys submit a ton of awesome Zelda and Metroid content, among many other well known series. We welcome Mario's Super Smash Brethren with open arms!
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The future of MFGG
May 1 2019, 5:18 AM

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Howdy there, MFGGers of all ages! It's been a while since I've made an update - mainly juggling the ups and downs of life. On that note, MFGG itself has been through many ups and downs throughout its life, too. I'm very excited to announce to some of you that we're considering to expand our reaches from one galaxy - Mario - to the galactic cluster of Nintendo franchises as a whole! Before getting the ball rolling, we would like to hear out from all of the users of the community of expanding the community to a general Nintendo fan gaming site.

Feel free to leave your thoughts at the comment section!

With that out of the way, here's this week's update:

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Sidestepper By OmegaF.
SPP Peach In SMB Style (WIP) 1.0.0 By Princess Peach (MainSite)
Wiggler By OmegaF.
Sounds, Music
SMG Honey Bee Voices By Churros

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