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Game Reviewed Super Paper Mario World, by epicgamerdudething
Review Author Fun With Despair
Created Dec 17 2017, 3:19 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
I feel like there's a certain special appeal to some "bad games", and that mostly stems from how genuine they are.

Look at the original Paper Mario World, or Dodge the Shyguys. They're amusing in spite of how outright terrible they are almost entirely because they're an unintentional mess that someone was still proud of.

That special something is sorely missing from this game, which is a boring, entirely unfunny mess, almost entirely due to how (hopefully) intentionally terrible everything has been made in an attempt to "out-do" the first Paper Mario World.

In this sense, it is unironically a worse game than its ancient, awful predecessor.
Pros +Mario actually controls rather well when he's not getting stuck on things
Cons -Awful "intentionally bad" graphics
-Terrible, repetitive level design
-Pitiful excuse for a... story?
-Music that sounds like a cheese grater to the eardrums
3 / 10
Honestly? This isn't even the lowest scoring category here. As I mentioned up in my Pros, Mario himself controls absolutely fine. His platforming is shockingly precise, and despite the total lack of momentum, I always felt like I had decent control in my jumps.

The level design however, is an absolute joke. Often, they're just straight flat lines with over thirty of the Paratroopa enemy just spammed throughout, or alternatively, a series of easy jumps that is negated by Mario's giant hitbox anyway, meaning you can just walk across the gaps.

Mario himself gets stuck on everything too on account of said giant hitbox, so there's really nothing here for a rational human.
1 / 10
I haven't seen anything clash this bad since the Titans in that bad movie from 2010. Almost every sprite is in a different style from a different game, with the weirdest and most dire example being a weird sprite of Bombette that appears to be melting, like some sort of 5-year old creepypasta.

Oh, yeah there are some "party members" in this game, but they don't do anything.

It's just an ugly game though. There are straight up MSpaint rectangle tool color blocks in this as platforms, which looks just as bad as the clashing sprites.

There was clearly no effort here.
1 / 10
Bad VGmusic.com midis are scattered throughout this, alongside... not much else.

Also for god's sake MFGG, stop making your games so LOUD.
1 / 10
Before I fully explain this, let me get into the story.

The game revolves around Mario, who has to go to Dimentio's Castle to stop him, but he has to go to the Mushroom Kingdom because there's a portal, BUT the mushroom kingdom got walled off so he needs to take the long way and he gets his Partners from the first game to help, BUUUUT at some point the pixl hand from SPM joins your team for a few seconds then vanishes, BUUUUUUUT then I fell into a pit in Dimentio's castle and didn't die, instead standing in the pit, hanging out in the immaculate despair of eternity in the abyss.

Anyway if that sounds like an engaging story, you can go ahead and play this, but me? I don't even want to play this game once, let alone REplay it.
Final Words
2 / 10
The first one was better.

epicgamerdudething Dec 20 2017, 8:17 PM
k. ill try better next release.
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