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[DL] SMB resprited By: Joey The Ravioli
resprites of the original nes smb sprites, but the sprites are still limited to the three color palette they originally had
Downloads: 1180
Added: 11/10/18
[DL] Blocks and Items By: Joey The Ravioli
just some random blocks and stuff i sprited a bit ago, thought they were good enough to upload, no credit needed
Downloads: 537
Added: 09/29/18
[DL] SMB Mushroom Platforms By: Joey The Ravioli
some resprites of the mushroom platforms
Downloads: 1788
Added: 02/23/18
[DL] Valley Background By: Joey The Ravioli
A background that's in a valley with a few trees.
Downloads: 1053
Added: 04/03/17
[DL] Toad Town at night By: Joey The Ravioli
This is a background of toad town at night. It was inspired by a background from the beta of new super Mario Bros ds.
Downloads: 1025
Added: 03/17/17
[DL] Hill background By: Joey The Ravioli
I made a four layer background that has the sky, the clouds, and two layers of hills with one being farther in the back.
It's my first attempt at making a background so I hope it's good.
Downloads: 1032
Added: 02/26/17
[DL] SMB Layer Cake Desert By: Joey The Ravioli
I made a sprite sheet for some tiles in layer cake desert, along with some enemies.
Edit: I changed the name, and some sprites to make them look better
Downloads: 1482
Added: 12/10/16
[DL] SMB Forest TileSet By: Joey The Ravioli
Some blocks and background pieces for a Forest area.
Downloads: 997
Added: 11/07/16
[DL] SMB Ground and Snow Tileset By: Joey The Ravioli
This is my first submission so i thought I should start simple with some basic ground, blocks, and background sprites for a regular grassland and Snow land.
Downloads: 1251
Added: 11/03/16
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