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[DL] Custom DK '94 Enemies By: The IT
From the obscure Donkey Kong '94 gameboy title. The enemies needed more love. More will come though, it's just the common enemies for now.
Downloads: 735
Added: 02/15/19
[DL] Custom Ants By: The IT
The ants could use some more love 'round here.
Downloads: 568
Added: 02/03/19
[DL] Custom Bony Beetles By: The IT
Had these for a while, figure I post them now.
Downloads: 637
Added: 01/11/19
[DL] Custom Bloopers By: The IT
Bloopers in my usual style.
Downloads: 637
Added: 01/10/19
[DL] Custom Shy Guys By: The IT
Shy Guys in my style, will include more forms in the future.
Downloads: 882
Added: 12/17/18
[DL] Custom Galoombas By: The IT
Posting a sheet after a long hiatus. Galoombas from SMW and SM3DW including Goombetty.
Downloads: 745
Added: 12/06/18
[DL] Super Mario Maker SMB Tiles By: The IT
I've seen people do this last month, but now's my turn to try it accurately, contains all the tiles present in Super Mario Maker in SMB style, and I used colors from the original SMB to replicate them, but some colors are not in the original ...
Downloads: 4931
Added: 09/04/15
[DL] SM3DW Bullet Bill Train By: The IT
I'm back from a long haitus, I started to make this train when it was first announced. Includes tilesets to make your own train cars, though I will update the sheet sometime.
Downloads: 3359
Added: 06/07/14
[DL] Mario's Time Machine NES Blocks and Koopas By: The IT
Also includes the bird.
Downloads: 2436
Added: 10/11/12
[DL] Custom Dry Bones By: The IT
Everyone's favorite skeleton turtle in my own style. Also includes dark and para varieties.
Downloads: 2536
Added: 08/23/12
[DL] Custom Undead Enemies By: The IT
The new undead enemies from the upcoming NSMB2.
Downloads: 2945
Added: 08/14/12
[DL] Custom Spikey and Snailicorn By: The IT
Spikey, the evolved form of the spiny and Snalicorn, the half unicorn and half snail monster in my own style.
Downloads: 2541
Added: 05/03/12
[DL] SMRPG Nimbus Land Tileset By: The IT
An 8x8 tileset of Nimbus Land and the bean stalks,BTW this is my 100th sheet on this site! Hooray!
Downloads: 1787
Added: 04/12/12
[DL] SMRPG Rose Town and Seaside Town Tileset By: The IT
An 8x8 tileset of Rose and Seaside Town.
Downloads: 1541
Added: 04/04/12
[DL] SMRPG House Interior Tileset By: The IT
A more better interior rip than Beamyoshi's rip, each tile is 8x8 and includes furniture.
Downloads: 1659
Added: 04/03/12
[DL] SMRPG Castle Interior Tileset By: The IT
A hard to use tileset for those of you who are beginers to isometric mapping. All tiles are 8x8 instead of 16x16.
Downloads: 1464
Added: 03/29/12
[DL] SML2 Space Zone Tileset By: The IT
Before Super Mario Galaxy, 8x8 tiles.
Downloads: 2215
Added: 03/10/12
[DL] SML2 Tree Zone Tileset By: The IT
8x8 tiles of the Tree Zone including unused tiles.
Downloads: 2078
Added: 03/08/12
[DL] SML2 Pumpkin Zone Tileset By: The IT
8x8 Tiles of all the levels of the pumpkin zone, also includes unused tiles.
Downloads: 1998
Added: 03/07/12
[DL] Custom Penkoon By: The IT
Penkoon from Wario Land in my signature style.
Downloads: 1920
Added: 03/07/12
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