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Review Author LellyMFGG
Created Dec 27 2018, 3:32 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Wow. I can't believe someone managed to remake Super Mario Bros. on SNES, and boy is it incredible. Honestly, Gatete does a great job on his projects, especially this one.
Pros -Looks like the SNES game
-Sounds like the SNES game
-Probably plays better than the SNES game
-The ability to play as Luigi in single player mode
-The ability to load and save your game
Cons -No echo effect in the underground stages, but I can get used to that
10 / 10
Like I said in the Pros, this game probably plays better than the SNES game. In the SNES game, when you break a brick, you kinda go through it. In this Remake, breaking a brick feels like how it should feel like.
10 / 10
Looks exactly like the SNES game.
9 / 10
The game sounds just like the SNES game. Though, there is no echo effect in the underground stages, but again, I can get used to that.
10 / 10
I liked to replay the original SMB a lot, so there is no difference here
Final Words
10 / 10
Overall, this is a good Remake of the SNES Super Mario Bros.. I kinda wish I can make something as good as this.

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