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[DL] Waluigi in Super Mario World Style By: Misteryt1MFGG
My attempt at a SMW style Waluigi. This includes two palettes (One based off the original SMW and one based off SMM2) and a bonus SMW NES bootleg style Waluigi.

I'm also planning to make Wario and Stanley The Bugman in SMW Style, but I'm ...
Downloads: 598
Added: 07/04/19
[DL] PacMax Classics: PacWorld Ghost Sprites By: Misteryt1MFGG
More sprites ripped from PacMax Classics.

Description from the back of the box:
"Guide Paccy through the maze using the arrow keys. Eat all the dots and evade the four ghosts. Your only chance is to eat one of the four bonus items ...
Downloads: 175
Added: 06/15/19
[DL] PacMax Classics: PacWorld "Paccy" sprites By: Misteryt1MFGG
Yes that's what he's actually called in the game.

Description from the back of the box:
"Guide Paccy through the maze using the arrow keys. Eat all the dots and evade the four ghosts. Your only chance is to eat one of the ...
Downloads: 229
Added: 06/14/19
[DL] Mario Doomsday (Flash Game): Backgrounds By: Misteryt1MFGG
These are just recolours of sprites that have been used in other Mario flash games (that have probably been stolen from somewhere else) but I decided to rip these for the sake of completeness.
Downloads: 320
Added: 06/09/19
[DL] Mario Doomsday (Flash Game): Tiles and Items By: Misteryt1MFGG
Unlike the other Mario flash games I've ripped, I have no idea if any of the sprites on this sheet were taken from other games or stolen from someone else, so I decided to rip these and submit them.
Downloads: 446
Added: 06/08/19
[DL] Mario Doomsday (Flash Game): Mario Sprites By: Misteryt1MFGG
WARNING: This sheet has some blood.

These are sprites ripped from a flash game called "Mario Doomsday". Also included as a bonus are some edited Luigi sprites because Luigi doesn't appear in the game.
Downloads: 474
Added: 06/06/19
[DL] Mario's Early Years (DOS) Luigi in SMW Style By: Misteryt1MFGG
This is NOT a rip!

People think there are 4 SMW Luigi's, but there is actually another SMW Luigi from the MS DOS version of Mario's Early Years. However, while it is an edited SMW Mario sprite it isn't actually in SMW style. So ...
Downloads: 990
Added: 06/02/19
[DL] Wario-Man in Wario Land 4 Style By: Misteryt1MFGG
A smaller sprite sheet I starting making around the same time as Waluigi.

This sheet doesn't have the same amount of animations as Waluigi's but there are more custom animations.
Downloads: 361
Added: 05/29/19
[DL] Waluigi in Wario Land 4 style By: Misteryt1MFGG
Wario's infamous brother/cousin/friend/whatever is now in Wario Land 4 style!

This sprite sheet was an attempt to make an accurate Wario Land 4 sprite, so most of the weird stuff from those sprites (such as the eyes and teeth) are in this ...
Downloads: 825
Added: 05/07/19
[DL] Waluigi in SMAS SMB1 Style By: Misteryt1MFGG
Waluigi in SMAS SMB1 Style. Also includes Marumen from Wario Land 4 and some things I forgot to put on Wario's sheet.
Downloads: 991
Added: 02/10/19
[DL] Wario in SMAS SMB1 Style By: Misteryt1MFGG
Wario in SMAS SMB1 Style. His animations are based on the Wario Land games.

Includes 2 palettes and some Mega Drive Bootleg style sprites.
Downloads: 1237
Added: 01/06/19
[DL] Waluigi in SMB3 Style (Power ups) By: Misteryt1MFGG
After 5 months, Waluigi can finally use Power ups!

I'm not going to make a 16-bit version of this.
Downloads: 1104
Added: 05/30/18
[DL] Stanley The Bugman in SMB3 Style By: Misteryt1MFGG
The forgotten Mario character, Stanley the Bugman is now in SMB3 style!
Includes a 16-bit version and a version that only uses 3 colours.

COMING SOON: SMB3 Waluigi Powerups.
Downloads: 1235
Added: 04/25/18
[DL] Waluigi SMB3 Style By: Misteryt1MFGG
I think the other SMB3 Waluigi's are either too short, look like Luigi recolours or don't fit the style that well. So I made my own version!

Also includes: a 16-bit version.
Downloads: 2165
Added: 01/26/18
[DL] Custom Luigi Sprite By: Misteryt1MFGG
After a few months I've finally made Mario's brother. More sprites coming soon.
Downloads: 1975
Added: 10/22/17
[DL] Super Mario World (Megadrive) Style Luigi By: Misteryt1MFGG
Luigi is no longer a recolour!
Just like Mario, Luigi's sprites were based off his All stars sprites.
Credit to The Yak Smoker for the original rips.
Downloads: 2033
Added: 09/23/17
[DL] Custom Mario Sprite By: Misteryt1MFGG
Luigi will be made sometime soon.
Downloads: 2767
Added: 07/30/17
[DL] Mario Physics Adventure/Tato Bros./Mario Spot 5 Sprites. By: Misteryt1MFGG
Sprites ripped from three Mario flash games.
I won't be ripping any other sprites from the game because they're taken from other games.

No credit needed.
Downloads: 2436
Added: 06/25/17
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