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Aug 14 2020, 6:31 PM

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That's right folks, NCFC is happening this year too!
For those who are unaware, it's an annual online fangame convention where you can submit your fangames for the world to see. It's very similar to SAGE if you know about that, but with more of a Nintendo focus.

You can read more about it here:

Now, some updates

Recent Additions

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This update is not going to be delivered alone!
Aug 7 2020, 3:16 PM

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Someone has to deliver it and I'm the one responsible of delivering it.

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Super Mario Holidays - Canadaland
[Platform] By Mariotroid
Super Mario Holidays is fangame about Mario in a strange new world of Holidays. The mayor of New Years ...
Thumbnail Boo's Treat Prototype Demo 2
[Action] By Pedigree
I have another prototype demo here of Boo's Treat, a reboot of my old game to make it less generic. ...
Thumbnail Super Mario Pandemonium 3 (DEMO 1)
[Action] By td
Homage and unofficial sequel to not only ShyGuy182's infamous Super Mario Pandemonium 1 & 2, but ...
Forward-facing characters By 309846GB
Cat Mario/Syobon Action - Extended Edition By Victor ManuelMR
Turrican 1/2 Box art-accurate Bren McGuire/Player sprites By The-Nate, Manfred Trenz, Rainbow Arts, Factor 5, Exl
SMB3 Thwomp/Whomp By PinkBear
SMB2 - Night Backgrounds By Linkstorm Z
SMB2 - Clouds Background By Linkstorm Z
SMW - Wood SMB3 tileset and background By Linkstorm Z
Smm2 Sml2 Airship tiles (Day) By 309846GB
SMM2 Mountain Theme (World Maker) By tornadowhoodle
Super Mario World (MegaDrive/Genesis) Style Luigi (2020 Version) By DrZuplow
Mario Teaches Typing (DOS): Mario By DrZuplow
Super Mario Bros. - Underwater 1 By SuperSledgeBro
Super Mario Bros. - Underwater 2 By SuperSledgeBro
Super Mario Bros. - Underwater 3 By SuperSledgeBro
Custom Goomba 1/2 By ApolosGamer
SMM2 Beach Theme (World Maker) By tornadowhoodle
SMB3 Styled World Maker (SMM2) By tornadowhoodle
SMW2: YI Jungle Tiles By murphmario
SMW2: YI Forest Tiles By murphmario
Goomba Custom 2/2 By ApolosGamer
Pac-Man Arcade-accurate NES tilemap By Inky
Super Mario Bros. - Waterfalls 1 By SuperSledgeBro
Super Mario Bros. - Waterfalls 2 By SuperSledgeBro
Super Mario Bros. - Looping Waterfalls By SuperSledgeBro
build a bowser sprite sheet By dracoaftonyoshi
SMB2 Volcano Lotus By FledCorn
SMW - InsideVolcano Tilesets and Backgrounds By Linkstorm Z
Kester's Block GFX By KesterTank

Have a nice day!
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