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Super Mario 3D World 8-Bit Sprites By: KingGeoshiKoopshi64, Machow8 [E] [W]
I was surprised that no one had a clean rip of the Super Mario 3D World 8-Bit sprites that are seen on the Sprixie Kingdom's map. So Machow8 has ripped the Super Mario 3D World 8-Bit Sprites out of the game and allowed me to post this. But I resized ...
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Added: 06/20/19
Mouser in SMW By: SuperMarioSpriter [W]
Mouser Leads an explosive path to the SMW Style! Includes extra poses, Regular Bombs, and Bob-ombs! Credit to Mister Man for Mario in the thumbnail, and Beam Luinsir Yosho (TSR) for the Castle Background.
Downloads: 176 Comments: 6 [NEW]  
Added: 06/19/19
SMW - Birdo By: TheGreatBocaj
A blueprint sprite sheet for Birdo as a replacement for Yoshi. All credit for the Birdo sprites and inspiration for this sheet goes to No Body The Dragon, an incredible spriter. Can also be as an enemy.
Downloads: 115 Comments: 0  
Added: 06/18/19
SMB3 Retro Party: Sound Stage By: ProCraftDee(PCD)
SMB3 Retro Party? No Problem! All you need to do is Press A to the beat!

Sound Stage Floor

The group of SMB3 Retro Party Sprites are the ONLY Sprites I want credit on, as they are big enough ...
Downloads: 353 Comments: 3 [NEW]  
Added: 06/16/19
SMB1 Allstars 8-4 Underwater Castle Background By: M4RI0
I looked around for a sheet of this, but I found nothing. Not even on Spriter's Resource or Mario Universe. So I decided to rip it myself. No credits needed!
Downloads: 335 Comments: 1 [NEW]  
Added: 06/15/19
PacMax Classics: PacWorld Ghost Sprites By: Misteryt1MFGG
More sprites ripped from PacMax Classics.

Description from the back of the box:
"Guide Paccy through the maze using the arrow keys. Eat all the dots and evade the four ghosts. Your only chance is to eat one of the four bonus items ...
Downloads: 90 Comments: 0  
Added: 06/15/19
Wario Land 4 - Clock Timer By: ah2190
I had noticed that there hasn't yet been a sprite sheet for the clock which comes with the timer, so I decided to take it upon myself to rip the clock graphics from Wario Land 4 and put them into a sprite sheet.

The sheet contains the ...
Downloads: 109 Comments: 0  
Added: 06/15/19
PacMax Classics: PacWorld "Paccy" sprites By: Misteryt1MFGG
Yes that's what he's actually called in the game.

Description from the back of the box:
"Guide Paccy through the maze using the arrow keys. Eat all the dots and evade the four ghosts. Your only chance is to eat one of the ...
Downloads: 128 Comments: 2 [NEW]  
Added: 06/14/19
SML Luigi and Edited Mario By: BM44
It's been OVER a year since I've last submitted to MFGG. But I'm back! This sheet contains Luigi (97% by me) and more poses for Mario like the front and back, death for Super Mario, and crouch for Small Mario. Also includes palettes from ...
Downloads: 288 Comments: 2 [NEW]  
Added: 06/12/19 Updated: 06/12/19
Damarioman's Custom Assortment of Baddies By: DamariomanII
A plethora of baddies for your various evil needs. Contains:
Goomba, Goombrat, Bone Goomba, Spiney, Buzzy Beetle, Spike Top, Terrapin, Koopa Troopa, Bob-Omb, Bullet Bill, Autobomb, Thwomp, Thwimp, Shyguy, Snifit, and Bezo.
Downloads: 430 Comments: 4 [NEW]  
Added: 06/11/19
SMM2 new enemy list -All Koopalings and many more enemies for SMB1, SMB3 & SMW By: sunsoftdev101

This project started off as a simple enemy list for; Super mario bros. Super Mario Bros. 3 and super mario world. Enemies that I wanted to be included in the new Super mario maker 2. The list turned into what you see here. This was extremely ...
Downloads: 1351 Comments: 8 [NEW]  
Added: 06/10/19 Updated: 06/11/19
NES and GB Luigis By: hdtv
Not a SMM sheet. Just some Luigis I've been working on. Has SMB, SMB3, SML, and SML2.

This is my 49th submission and my 50th will be something special. (Which is way I haven't been so active recently.) Try looking in the game section ...
Downloads: 492 Comments: 1 [NEW]  
Added: 06/10/19
Mario Doomsday (Flash Game): Backgrounds By: Misteryt1MFGG
These are just recolours of sprites that have been used in other Mario flash games (that have probably been stolen from somewhere else) but I decided to rip these for the sake of completeness.
Downloads: 216 Comments: 1 [NEW]  
Added: 06/09/19
Nabbit in SMB3 By: SuperMarioSpriter [W]
Dag Nabbit! Nabbit runs with his sack of power-ups into SMB3 style! Credit to Bmatsantos for the SMB3 Font, And AwesomeZack for Luigi and the Tileset in the thumbnail. Give Credit :)
Downloads: 230 Comments: 6 [NEW]  
Added: 06/09/19
Mario Doomsday (Flash Game): Tiles and Items By: Misteryt1MFGG
Unlike the other Mario flash games I've ripped, I have no idea if any of the sprites on this sheet were taken from other games or stolen from someone else, so I decided to rip these and submit them.
Downloads: 341 Comments: 4 [NEW]  
Added: 06/08/19
DK (classic) Bowsette/Boosette full sheet By: Kazufox
From the Donkey Kong ROM hack featuring Bowsette/Boosette. Mario/Luigi are made different from the original Jumpman sprites. Includes some unused enemies.

Remember to give credit for use.
Downloads: 184 Comments: 0  
Added: 06/08/19
Mario Sunshine Outfit (Super Mario World-Style) By: JMTeen
First sprite sheet I made. If any errors are found, tell me.
Downloads: 318 Comments: 4 [NEW]  
Added: 06/07/19
SMB - Custom Mario & Luigi By: xXEmmanXx, KGK64, GamerMakerGuy, AwesomeZack
(Mental blocked) I can't uhhhh... okay so... uhhh... Thanks to KGK64, GamerMakerGuy and AwesomeZack for custom LUIGIs... Hope ya'll uhh... like it...
Downloads: 552 Comments: 4 [NEW]  
Added: 06/07/19
Mario Doomsday (Flash Game): Mario Sprites By: Misteryt1MFGG
WARNING: This sheet has some blood.

These are sprites ripped from a flash game called "Mario Doomsday". Also included as a bonus are some edited Luigi sprites because Luigi doesn't appear in the game.
Downloads: 360 Comments: 8 [NEW]  
Added: 06/06/19
SMB2 Donkey Kong Sheet By: TyrougeYoshi
Here's another "what if Donkey Kong made an appearance in a mainstream Mario game" type of sprite sheet with some little DK Jr. arcade game elements such as him being caged and a chomper for an enemy to go through climbing vines.

Downloads: 420 Comments: 3 [NEW]  
Added: 06/04/19
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