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[DL] SMB3 Crowned Edition Full Sprite Sheet By: Kazufox
From the SMB3 Crowned Edition ROM Hack, this features everything that was changed into a Super Crowned -ette version from the original SMB3 game.

Includes bonus sprites for Koopa Peach versions, additional unused sprite tiles, and weapons/items ...
Downloads: 636
Added: 01/27/19
[DL] 8-bit SMB1 Bowsette (playable) sheet By: Kazufox
Based on the SMB Crowned Edition -VS Dark Bowsette- ROM Hack where Bowsette is the main playable character. Here is her sprite sheet for both Blonde (P1), Redhead (P2), and Fire Flower power-up.

Works for 8-bit versions of SMB and Lost Levels. ...
Downloads: 375
Added: 01/27/19
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