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[DL] Mario Brothers Kung Fu Style. By: almnich [E]
Here are some 8 bit style sprites of the Mario brothers, in a somewhat realistic style. Most poses from the original Super Mario Bros are there, running, jumping, swimming and climbing, along with some punching poses, and some extras! Somewhat inspired ...
Downloads: 744
Added: 07/15/18
[DL] Mario Picross 2 - Classic Wario By: almnich [E]
Here's a classic Wario in the style of Mario Picross 2, complete with 4 styles of colors and jumping sprites!
Downloads: 1282
Added: 11/10/17
[DL] Mario Picross 2 - Luigi! By: almnich [E]
Hey! Here's a custom Luigi sheet to go along with my Mario Picross 2 style custom classic Mario. Perfect for an RPG or a Pokemon type game!
Downloads: 1304
Added: 10/31/17
[DL] Mario Picross 2 - Classic Mario By: almnich [E]
Remember Mario Picross 2, that weird Gameboy puzzle game? Here's a sheet of Mario's overworld sprites from that game, only in his classic overalls and cap! Includes jumping poses, and four color schemes: Black and white, NES style, SNES style, ...
Downloads: 1249
Added: 10/25/17
[DL] Mario - Donkey Kong 3 Style By: almnich [E]
Remember Donkey Kong 3, that weird game that starred Stanley the Bugman? What if Mario had been in there instead?
This sheet includes all of Stanley's poses from DK3, even the unused ones, and some original sprites.
Downloads: 1563
Added: 10/12/17
[DL] Mario Brothers - 8 Bit Style By: almnich [E]
Here's a sprite sheet of the Mario Brothers, in an 8bit style, three color rule and all! Includes most, if not all poses from Super Mario Bros.
Downloads: 1597
Added: 09/22/17
[DL] Big ol' Mario By: almnich [E]
Yet another Mario sprite sheet, somewhat inspired by Lou Albano's Mario in the SMBSS.
Downloads: 2124
Added: 06/06/17
[DL] Mario and Luigi - Super Tiny Brothers By: almnich [E]
Just some quick little sprites of the Mario Brothers.
Please give credit if you use these.
Downloads: 1653
Added: 05/22/16
[DL] Wario and Waluigi - Undertale Style By: almnich [E]
A Wario in the style of Toby Fox's Undertale! I know these sprites are pretty simple, but Undertale has pretty simple sprites itself, so I tried fitting into that style.
Now with 30% more Waluigi!
Downloads: 2012
Added: 05/17/16
[DL] Super Mario Maker - Mario-Kun Costume! + Custom Luigi By: almnich [E]
This is the Mario-Kun costume from Super Mario Maker, straight out of the manga!
These were all ripped from screenshots, so please excuse any innacuracies.
Includes a custom-made Luigi sprite in the same style as Mario, please give credit ...
Downloads: 3426
Added: 01/30/16
[DL] Extended Bitsize Brothers. By: almnich [E]
I always thought it was a bit weird that the bitsize characters from Mario Party 8 only have two sprites, so I took matters into my own hands!
Here are some sprites of Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi, in their "Bitsize form". Fits perfectly ...
Downloads: 5404
Added: 08/05/15
[DL] Virtual Boy Wario Land - Colored Items + Extra Wario poses By: almnich [E]
Here are some colored items from Virtual Boy Wario Land, and some extra poses for Wario I forgot to add on the other sheet. As always, please give credit if you use these sprites.
Downloads: 1866
Added: 02/16/15
[DL] Virtual Boy Wario Land - Colored Wario! By: almnich [E]
Here are some colored Wario sprites, edited right from the original sprites, which were ripped straight from the game. I hope you enjoy them, give credit if used. More colored Virtual Boy Wario Land sprites hopefully coming soon.
Downloads: 1944
Added: 02/16/15
[DL] Donkey Kong Remastered Sprites. By: almnich [E]
Some sprites from the original Donkey Kong on the Arcade, remastered.
All of Mario/Jumpman's sprites, and some extras.
I'll try adding the Kong himself in a future update.
Downloads: 3360
Added: 08/24/14
[DL] Virtual Boy Wario! By: almnich [E]
How come no one's done this before?
These are some sprites ripped from Virtual Boy Wario Land.
Let me know if any poses you need are missing!
Bull Wario added.
More power-ups hopefully coming soon
Downloads: 2129
Added: 05/14/14
[DL] Mario - Plumber Brother Style By: almnich [E]
Some original sprites made by yours truly.
Downloads: 1986
Added: 04/09/14
[DL] Fighter Mario By: almnich [E]
A nice little sprite sheet made from Black Squirrel's rip of World Heroes 2 on the NES. Perfect for use in fighting games!
Give credit if used.
Downloads: 3124
Added: 10/24/13
[DL] Luigi Sonic 3 style By: almnich [E]
A Luigi in the style of Sonic 3.
Downloads: 5345
Added: 06/05/10
[DL] Custom Mario Sprites (Sonic 3 Style) By: almnich [E]
A nice little Mario in the style of Sonic 3. My 1st sprite sheet.
Downloads: 5944
Added: 05/30/10
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