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[DL] Super Mario Maker Custom Luigi, including a Ghost version. By: Ostrich101
Got bored and made a Luigi sprite, then i made a Ghost Luigi sprite based off the Smash Ultimate trailer for (SPOILER), then i decided to make this.

Give credit to Me, KingGeoshiKoopshi64, and Random Talking Bush.
Downloads: 866
Added: 12/16/18
[DL] Costume Mario from Mario Maker with Sonic animations. By: Ostrich101
So i was watching a few videos from Level UP, and in some videos he has Mario use Sonic physics, so i decided to rip some and make my own. Some of these animations could also be used for non-Sonic stuff.
Downloads: 867
Added: 12/05/18
[DL] SMB2 Modern Mario 16-bit By: Ostrich101
AwsomeZack was asked to do this years ago, but he never did it.
No one else made it either. Until NOW!!
Give Credit to me and AwsomeZack.
Downloads: 2235
Added: 03/19/18
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