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[DL] Classic NES Mario Bros. - UI By: PixelatedIvan [E]
Another rip of Classic NES Mario Bros., the horrible text which is hard to understand. Even more garbage for Memetastic™ games!
Downloads: 1268
Added: 01/25/18
[DL] Casino Luigi - SMW (All-Stars) Edit By: PixelatedIvan [E]
Remember that casino suit Luigi is wearing from those New Super Mario Bros and Super Mario 64 DS minigames? Didn't he look so cool? Well I made him wear that as his classic Super Mario World (All Stars) self! I originally made this for a sprite animation ...
Downloads: 1523
Added: 12/18/17
[DL] Classic NES: Super Mario Bros GBA: Mario By: PixelatedIvan [E]
Most likely the first rip ever made for what is considered the worse official port of Super Mario Bros, for the GBA. Feel free to use it for your Memetastic™ Games! (but give credit, please.)
Downloads: 2286
Added: 11/12/17
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