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[DL] Super Mario Maker SMW Style: Extended Ghost House Crate (Checkered) Tileset By: Jaden1291 [W]
To make up for my absence, I decided on making an extension on one of the SMW tilesets that are exclusive to Super Mario Maker for Wii U and 3DS! This is the Ghost House Crate (Checkered) in the SMW style, extended by me! It also doubles as a bonus tileset, ...
Downloads: 1222
Added: 06/01/17
[DL] Super Mario World Extended Mushroom Platforms Tileset By: Jaden1291 [W]
"I think I put too much Fungi Growth Formula..."
Hey guys, I'm back on MFGG again! Sorry for the huge lack of activity there. I was on the Geometry Dash community since early 2015. Did you miss my extended tileset making career? Well, ...
Downloads: 1411
Added: 04/08/17
[DL] SMB3 Extended Desert Maze Pipes Tileset By: Jaden1291 [W]
So on June 21, 2015, this tileset was worked on. And then it suddenly gone AWOL. Then I picked up on this tileset again a year later, and I decided to finish it off! Anyway, this ...
Downloads: 1659
Added: 04/26/16
[DL] SMB3 Extended Pipes Tileset By: Jaden1291 [W]
UPDATE 03/31/16: Missing mini pipe corner block tiles added. Redownload to get the update!
Jaden1291 is back! And with another...EXTENDED TILESET? "NOT AGAIN!" you would have said. But this is an expansion of the SMB3 Pipes and their corner ...
Downloads: 2165
Added: 03/25/16
[DL] SMA4:SMB3 Extended Block Sizables By: Jaden1291 [W]
I must admit, this is one of the weirdest but useful extended tilesets that I did! They are based on the block sizables seen in Grass Land and Desert Land. An additional palette allows you to recolor the tiles to what they were like in the Super Mario ...
Downloads: 2170
Added: 06/05/15
[DL] SMW Extended ! Block Tileset By: Jaden1291 [W]
Tired of those ! block clusters? Here's an extended ! Block tileset for use on replacing ! block clusters. I also added small switches, switch wiring, and expanded dotted-line tilesets in case you need them! If you need other colors, use the palette ...
Downloads: 2454
Added: 05/21/15
[DL] SMW Expanded Sign Sheet By: Jaden1291 [W]
I've been working on this over several days, and finally it's here...presenting the SMW EXPANDED SIGN SHEET! Features include: 8-directional arrow signs, straightened-up signs, a Sign tileset for creating your own billboards, the ? sign from ...
Downloads: 2053
Added: 05/03/15
[DL] SMW Extended Wooden Planks By: Jaden1291 [W]
Here's your favorite Toad with another...EXTENDED TILESET?! Dun dun dun duuun!
Anyways, it's an extended wooden planks tileset, akin to the tiles seen on my SMW Shy Guy Airtub sheet. Joints, corners, slopes, and a lot more are abound in ...
Downloads: 2007
Added: 04/25/15
[DL] SMW Extended Tipsy Turtle Shell (Iggy/Larry Battle Platform) By: Jaden1291 [W]
After watching the final episode of Dream Dad on ABS-CBN (yeah, I'm a Filipino), I found out that I didn't finish the extended Tipsy Turtle Shell! (I started it few weeks ago) So I finished the tileset and submitted it just in time. It has an ...
Downloads: 1994
Added: 04/17/15
[DL] SMB3 Extended Platform Cables By: Jaden1291 [W]
These are the platform cables which hold wooden platforms in mid-air from SMAS:SMB3 (and its GBA port). This includes sloped cables, curves, a SMB3 styled SMB1 Platform Pulley, crosses and T-bends, cable base, and more! Credit goes to jdaster64 for the ...
Downloads: 1498
Added: 04/01/15
[DL] SMW Extended Ghost House Cement By: Jaden1291 [W]
Finally, I've thought of doing this one! This time, this extended tileset is based on the cement blocks seen in the Ghost House. Perfect for fortresses, castles, or as an add-on to your Ghost House tileset! REMINDER: Please recolor to ensure fangame ...
Downloads: 1942
Added: 03/28/15
[DL] SMW Extended Reznor Platform Tileset By: Jaden1291 [W]
Summer's started early, and I whipped up something awesome: another extended tileset based on the Reznor's platform. It also has decorative bricks and nails! Good enough for a fortress/castle level.

Credit goes to geno for ripping ...
Downloads: 1700
Added: 03/19/15
[DL] SMW Extended Rock Tileset By: Jaden1291 [W]
This tileset was made from editing the SMW rock platform seen in cave levels. Perfect for mountainous areas! In addition to this, there are decorative skulls and grasses that can be used. RECOLOR to ensure fangame originality.

Kazzoo made ...
Downloads: 1678
Added: 03/14/15
[DL] SMW Shy Guy Airtub By: Jaden1291 [W]
It's been 2 years after the release of M&L:DT to our 3DS systems, but I never seen anyone do a SMW-styled Dream Team enemy. At the same time, I was full of boredom, so I did a Shy Guy Airtub. Credit AwesomeZack, A.J. Nitro, viiper, HyperLuigi64, ...
Downloads: 1608
Added: 02/25/15
[DL] SMW Overgrown Ruins Tileset By: Jaden1291 [W]
I have no idea what to submit right now, so I just made an overgrown ruins tileset. Credit goes to viiper for the original tiles, SilverDeoxys563 for the vine bottom, and the flowers from Purple Rex's SMBX GFX pack. (I just recolored them, since ...
Downloads: 2460
Added: 03/18/14
[DL] SML2: Warp Pipes (Edited) By: Jaden1291, Derrike G. [W]
Minor Update: The right small pipe was accidentally left unchanged. This is a minor fix.

It's the warp pipe from Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, but with new edits! It features pipe corners, crosses, tiny pipes, the pipe corner blocks ...
Downloads: 1886
Added: 01/18/14
[DL] SMB2 Edited Tilesets - Mountain Terrain/Grassland Tileset By: Jaden1291, Serban [W]
It's about time when I submitted my latest submission to MFGG - I haven't submitted anything for a long time, so I edited some SMB2 tiles and the result!

Includes slopes, grass inside rock. Doki Doki panic characters in 16bit are made ...
Downloads: 2571
Added: 11/22/13
[DL] SMW Styled Mario's Time Machine Stuff By: Jaden1291 [W]
A few stuff from Mario's Time Machine for the NES, in SMW style.
Downloads: 2165
Added: 07/31/13
[DL] SMW Custom Grass Tileset By: Jaden1291 [W]
A custom grass tileset that is based on the grass tileset in Super Mario World. I included a step block from SMB1 that is edited to SMW style. Should go with YI and SMW graphics.

(note: BanannaLuigi made the baby yoshis in the thumbnail)
Downloads: 2181
Added: 07/29/13
[DL] Jaden1291's Tileset 2012 By: Jaden1291 [W]
Wow, I made a custom tileset. I'm getting better at spriting. This is a tileset that I made in one hour. Please give credit if used in games, comics, and media!
Downloads: 1592
Added: 10/07/12
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