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HylianDev The forums are up! Nov 29 2017, 11:00 PM

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The all-new MyBB edition of the MFGG forums are officially up and running! There might be a few rough edges left, but we're working to fix those as we speak.

So be sure to register for an account and get to foruming! Perhaps check out some events like the annual MFGG Holiday Tree or the Minigame Competition while you're at it.
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Cruise Elroy PANIC Nov 27 2017, 8:41 PM

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What's this? The forums seem to be down?

Well, don't worry! We're in the process of updating out forum software. It's about time we moved on from phpBB, and hopefully our new MyBB forums will be up and running soon!

In the mean time, here's an update for all the new submissions we got over Thanksgiving break:

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Super Paper Mario World
[Adventure] By epicgamerdudething
A fan-made sequel to one of MFGG's most criticized game. Original game by: SuperAdamMario ...
Sprites, Libs, and Tilesets
SMW Perfect Luigi Recreation By TheNintendude64, KoopshiKingGeoshi, AwesomeZack
Custom Mario-style Grass Tileset By WizToad
Sounds, Music
Mario Kart 7 Mario Voice By RafaMario

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Dustinvgmaster Let's Do the Update Nov 7 2017, 3:49 AM

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Well, I figured it was about time for another update. Sorry it took so long, but I've been playing that game about the different countries and the hats.

That's right, Team Fortress 2.

Yes, I stole Yoshbert's bit. Sue me. Here's an update.

Recent Additions

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Mr. Yoshbert Big Release Update Oct 27 2017, 2:59 PM

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Yowza! Guess what day it is! That's right, a certain highly-reviewed and highly anticipated game is being released today... and it's coming to the Nintendo Switch!

So, to celebrate the release of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (which I just now realize is coming to the Switch not today, but sometime next year), here's a brand-new content update.

Recent Additions

I think some Mario game about hats is also coming out today, but honestly, who cares?
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Mr. Yoshbert 10/16/17 Update Oct 16 2017, 11:01 PM

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Remember me? Yeah, I haven't done one of these in a while.

Recent Additions

Reminder: NCFC booth registrations are still open. If you have any cool projects to show, be sure to drop in.

By the way, there's only 11 more days until Super Mario Odyssey comes out. There's something else to look forward to.
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LangtonLion64 A Convention Mention Oct 5 2017, 11:32 PM

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Hello again! There's quite a few things for me to bring to light here.

Firstly, we once again have more than one Wiki Sysop thanks to Yoshin taking up the position, so be sure to give her a warm welcome!

Secondly, another Minigame Competition has begun which can be checked out here.

Finally, booth registration for this year's Nintendo Community Fangame Convention is now open. Head over there by going here and show off what you've been hard at work on all year! I know I will be...

Oh, and Super Mario Odyssey comes out in just three more weeks. This hype train's still chugging along!

Recent Additions

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Cruise Elroy Back on the Air Sep 23 2017, 12:28 AM

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We had a memory overflow on Thursday, so if you're wondering why the site was down, that's why.

Anywho, here's another update. Nothing special otherwise.

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Dustinvgmaster By the Update, For the Update Sep 2 2017, 10:04 PM

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Hey there, MFGG. It's ya boy, Dustin. I've been away for a while, but I'm back to kick some butt at update canyon. You ready?

Sonic Mania has been released recently to momentous acclaim, and MFGG user Auction Lemon celebrated with a Minigame Competition with a Sonic Mania theme. It's about over, though!

In other news, Yoshin is attempting to put together a Super Mario World hack collaboration called Minus Galaxy. Be sure to check that out and chip in if you feel up to it.

But anyway, here's your regularly scheduled content.

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VinnyVideo Sunless Update Aug 21 2017, 2:02 AM

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The sun will take a vacation tomorrow - at least if you live in North America. That's not something that happens every day. (Actually, it does, but not normally in the middle of the afternoon!)

Just don't stare at the sun without adequate eye protection, and don't get too close to Swamp Thing during the eclipse.

There's still time to enter all three of the competitions currently running on the MFGG forums. Go check 'em out, and feel free to submit an entry of your own. Who knows - you might pick up the gold!

* The current Sprite Competition
* The current Drawing Competition
* The current Minigame Competition

In other news, I'm three days away from finishing grad school, which might make me stop yapping about my team projects all the time - unless I embark on my quest to get my PhD and become Dr. Vinny.

Recent Additions

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