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SMM/SMM2 Galoomba and Goombud By: MPixels
What would happen if a version of Goombud and Galoomba were in the style of Super Mario Maker? Well here you have it, with the styles of Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 2, Super Mario Bros 3 and the All-Stars. This is my first sprite sheet, I hope ...
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Added: 07/19/19
Easton kingdom Backgrounds By: Evan.F
16-bit Easton kingdom backgrounds that I rushed to completion before holidays, credits will be added in a weeks time!
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Added: 07/19/19
SMW Ultimate Mario Sprites By: TheNintendude64 [W]
Okay so this is basically a full SMW sprite sheet with every Mario sprite from SMW, SMA2, and SMM2. Basically, this sheet is Mario from SMM2's SMW theme with ALL the poses from SMW and SMA2 and some improved sprites as well. Coming up next: "SMW ...
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Added: 07/19/19
SMW Ultimate Luigi Sprites (All in One) By: TheNintendude64 [W]
I decided to make a new SMW Luigi (As if we didn't have enough already). This Luigi is all of the SMW Luigi sprites in one. I used SMM2 Luigi as a base (But I made him thinner and gave him his old flesh tone back) and incorporated sprites from SMAS+SMW, ...
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Added: 07/19/19
Modernized smw peach (playable) By: dracoaftonyoshi [E]
Original rip by supertoad2k
Original yoshi sprite by supah-Luigi
Desc: you may use these sprites anything you may like a fan game or animation .
Bla bla: there is upcoming sprites for Rosalina peachette Daisy and Pauline
See ...
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Added: 07/18/19
SMW Wario (With a special guest, Yoshi) By: igotanewaccountomg
This is my version of Wario in Super Mario World. Some of his poses are based of on his Wario Land games, so he's not just a simple edit of Mario. Also, no Yoshis were harmed while the making of this sprite sheet.
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Added: 07/18/19
Kirby, Waddle Dee and Bandana Dee in Super Mario Bros 2 By: bromaster [E]
My 3rd sheet.
Apparently, these 3 character's dreams have connected together, now they're here.
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Added: 07/18/19
The Unused Happy Face from SMB2 (aka the logo for TCRF) By: somari
The styles are: SML2, SMB1, SMB2, SMB3, SMW8, SMW, SMAS (all games), and Sonic Boll

SMW8 is made by AwesomeZach
Sonic Boll is made by the Boll Team
Other games/styles are made by Nintendo
The font used where I credit in the ...
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Added: 07/17/19
Waddle Dee & Bandana Dee - Mario Bros Style By: bromaster [E]
My 2nd submission.
Of course, Kirby needs a 2nd player. (And a 3rd...? Ehem.)
Includes a Waddle Dee and a Bandana Dee.
Downloads: 238 Comments: 0  
Added: 07/17/19
Kirby - Mario Bros Style By: bromaster [E]
Kirby's down in the plumbing now!
Includes all of Mario's Poses in a Kirby Palette.
Also, this is my first sheet, so it may not be the greatest...
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Added: 07/17/19
Waluigi in Super Mario World style By: igotanewaccountomg
These are my 2 versions of Waluigi in Super Mario World, and I used some inspiration from Misteryt1's Waluigi. I hope you like them. And no, there is not a full sheet of small Waluigi.
Downloads: 347 Comments: 1 [NEW]  
Added: 07/17/19
Boom Boom in New Super Mario Bros. By: SuperMarioSpriter
I guess I'm back, a bit early...? Uh, Credit to Theo402 for the castle background...
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Added: 07/15/19
1-6 bit easton kingdom tiles/sprites(16-bit Super mario land Mario Land collection 2: electric boogaloo) By: Evan.F
The Easton Kingdom has been recreated in 16-bit.Contains all tiles as well as Tokotoko, Batadon and Chikaka. It also comes with regular bokes Give credit if used.
Downloads: 308 Comments: 6 [NEW]  
Added: 07/15/19
[Edits] - Pokémon Trainers Re-done By: KirbyLover2048
Hello, hello! While this sheet may be small, it includes re-edited Pokémon Trainer sprites in the Gen 1 and 2 art style (meaning the Game Boy). As suggested by (former) admin Yoshin, I may add future-generation Trainers as well, so keep an eye out!
Downloads: 215 Comments: 3 [NEW]  
Added: 07/15/19
SMM2 SMW styled Waluigi By: TheNintendude64 [W]
This is a SMALL sheet I made for Waluigi in his SMW style. I won't make the rest of the poses due to lack of motivation, but anyone is more than welcome to finish these if they like. I made these sprites because I always hated Luigi in his SMAS+SMW ...
Downloads: 420 Comments: 2 [NEW]  
Added: 07/14/19
The Angry Suns and Moons, Ruined By: ProCraftDee(PCD)
My attempt of Editing the Sun and moon from SMB, SMB3 and SMW to look more "NSMBU-Like"...

SMB Ruined Sun
SMB Ruined Sun (Amiibo)
SMB ANGRY Sun (Amiibo)
SMB Ruined Moon
SMB Ruined Moon (Amiibo)
Downloads: 625 Comments: 5 [NEW]  
Added: 07/14/19
Koopa car smw By: dracoaftonyoshi, supah-Luigi [E]
Original sprite by supah-luigi

Smm2 is a great game one of the coolest features is the Koopa car

With this you can make a stage feel like a mk track or make one where you kill Brian from familyguy (it’s a joke ok) use for what ...
Downloads: 310 Comments: 0  
Added: 07/13/19
All Stars Luigi (SMM2) By: thatmusicweeb
This is my first sprite sheet, but this is a sheet of Luigi from Super Mario All Stars edited to fit in Super Mario Maker 2. I edited some sprites to fit the new sprites and such for MM2! Please credit if used!
Downloads: 553 Comments: 2 [NEW]  
Added: 07/12/19
SMB1 Goomba and Koopa on 360° (aka. SMB1 Enemies on 360°) By: tarkan809 [E] [W]
Yeah I know that in Mario Maker 2 that the 8-bit statues have 360° rotation... So I decided to make SMB1 enemies on a 360° turn. However I didn't made Cheep Cheep on a 360° turn because I really don't feel like doing that(Perhaps maybe someone ...
Downloads: 498 Comments: 8 [NEW]  
Added: 07/12/19
Super Mario Land enemy collection 1. By: Evan.F
a set of 4 enemies from Super Mario Land, All in 16-bit glory. this collection includes
* Goomba (not a Chibibo/Goombo, I will try to make one that looks right)
*Bombshell Koopa
*Gina/Bullet Biff (comes with cannon)
Give ...
Downloads: 348 Comments: 8 [NEW]  
Added: 07/12/19
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