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Created Feb 23 2015, 5:42 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Spoopy Maryo is... something. Given that a forum moderator made it and managed to get it past quality control, the common sense thing to do is to assume it's one of those joke games, in this case meant to poke fun at horror games that aren't horrifying at all. But even with that in mind, it doesn't poke fun so much as fall flat on its face.
Pros + You can finish it in seconds and move on to play something worth your time.
Cons - Pretentious, even for a satirical joke game.
1 / 10
The entire gameplay consists of mashing your A key to run from a blob. This will only delay the inevitable, as the blob moves with a velocity that would render Sonic the Hedgehog speechless.

I like a joke game every now and then, but this game seems to only have a generic "HAY I SUCK LOLOLOLOL" as a joke--and, well, that's not going to cut it.
3 / 10
This is some very low-res pixel graphics we've got here, and lazily made to boot. The ground is featureless, so once the instructions scroll by you can't even tell how fast Mario is moving. Moreover, HylianDev can't make an argument about it being stylistic suck for the funnies because it's too plain for there to BE any style.
1 / 10
The only sound is a chiptune piece for background music. I have to admit, it is a perfect fit for the rest of the game, as it evokes its feelings of sheer lifelessness and ineptitude. Horror music has plenty of tropes and cliches to play with for a joke game, but HylianDev has chosen to waste the opportunity to riff on cliches in favor of making pathetic and utterly forgettable garbage.

But it's intentionally and irredeemably terrible, so it must be funny! Right? Riiiiiight?
2 / 10
I really should give this a one, but replaying this game just might serve a small practical purpose as a sleep aid.
Final Words
1 / 10
The name doesn't lie. "Spoopy Mayro" is a stinking heap of excrement, even by joke game standards.

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