Super Mario Adventure: Quest for the Starman
By: rileymedora94
This is a Mario game I'm working on. I have yet to add real text or bosses into it. Move with arrow keys, jump with shift, run with ctrl.
Completion: Demo Genre: Platform
Franchise: Mario

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[O] Created: May 4 2009, 2:23 AM
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Sep 5 2009, 1:31 PM
cool game its hard beacause u can't save indeed good game
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Sep 6 2009, 4:50 PM
Press F5 to save F6 to load. That feature wasn't removed
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Sep 10 2009, 5:00 PM
Ouch. This is a really bad game. But then again, our first efforts usually look like this. I played until I got to 3-2, where I got stuck at the flagpole (an invisible Mario kept walking until he left the room).

I've made several games with this engine, and I can tell you: There are better ways to make games. However, if you're going to keep using this engine, I recommend you take a look at my Marioy 2 Engine, available on the forums (go back to late 2008). And if you have any questions about fangame making, PM or e-mail me and I might be able to help (but be patient).
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Sep 11 2009, 12:15 PM
I finally beat the game yesterday - it took about 20 minutes. To get past the first exit in 3-2, you must be small Mario. That's a very bad glitch that shouldn't be too tough to fix.
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Mario brothers
Sep 15 2009, 11:57 PM
I hate the Pirhana plants!!!
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Oct 8 2009, 2:38 PM
I have posted my review. Don't download this.

My first game was worse than this (it didn't use Hello's engine), but I didn't post it, nowhere.

More for the creator:
If you keep practicing making games, then you will get better. After a lot of practicing, you will also be able to make great games. Just keep practicing.

You should look at some examples, like some Hello games, or maybe New Super Mario 3 (from ultramario). But please try to make your own engine, or if you use Hello's engine, then edit it. If you edit the engine, I'm sure you will get a lot more positive comments (but also practice your level design).

I hope I helped you with this.
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