Review Information
Game Reviewed Super Hammer Bros., by Delmore
Review Author Roo
Created Apr 6 2022, 10:37 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
The greatest mystery mankind has ever faced; why is this game called "Bros." when there's only one?
Pros + Great gameplay loop
+ Great graphics
+ Great soundtrack
Cons - 3D HUD icon
10 / 10
The gameplay is rock-solid. At first, the hammer-throwing might feel a bit simple, but once you start fighting against a lot of enemies at once, the decision of whether to spam hammers or charge them becomes quite complex. It's amazing how fun it feels to play.
9 / 10
The graphics are great. The 3D portrait in the HUD looks a bit out of place, but it's not a very big bother.
9 / 10
Definitely one of the most unique fangame soundtracks, especially in the menus. The sound effects are decent.
Final Words
9 / 10
One of the best minigames on the site, for sure.

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