Mario (5 Styles) By: CursedMario
This sprite sheet shows Mario in 5 different game styles I like. It also has Map sprites (for SMW Mario only) and Cape sprites. It includes sprites that I am most interested in, so there won’t be any sprites where Mario is in a Goomba’s Shoe, in a Dry Bones Shell, riding Yoshi, or doing a victory with Shelmets. It also includes that horrifying front-facing Mario sprite from Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.

Some sprites here will look awfully bad, such as SMB Mario’s climbing sprites and cape dive sprites. There will also be some sprites that look unfixed, which before looked fixed. I also didn’t include unique star jump sprites for all styles of Mario, only for SMAS SMB, SMB3, and SMAS SMB3 Super Mario.


Gorsal for SMB Small form and Super form up sprites and victory hand sprite.

SMW Central (I played several SMW rom hacks and found these sprites) for the idea of SMB3 Small form and Super form up sprites and Super form carry item + crouch sprite.

Mario Multiverse (I watched a video of Mario Multiverse and found this sprite) for SMAS SMB Small form crouch sprite.

PixelMarioXP for SMB, SMAS SMB, SMB3, SMAS SMB3 Super form death sprites.

geno2925 for originally creating SMW Super form death sprite.

GlacialSiren484 for improved SMW Super form death sprite Cape death sprites.

All other custom sprites are by me.

Free to use, but give credits to the following people and don’t claim as your own.

There might also be some questions you have for me:

Q: Why didn’t you use the beta crouch sprite from SMAS SMB for SMAS SMB Super Mario’s alt crouch?
A: Mario’s feet seemed out of place to me, and he looks taller than when SMAS SMB3 Super Luigi crouches.

Q: What’s with the Small Fire Mario run sprites in the extra section?
A: It is if you want Small Mario but with the Fire palette, and I used that exact sprite, because it has all the possible colors, since SMAS SMB3 Small Mario’s idle sprite does not have all the possible colors.

If there are any other questions you have, feel free to ask.
Type Info
Format Sprite Sheets Sprites and animation frames saved in a static image medium.
Contents Edited Modification of existing sprites.

Update History
04/26/22  -Edited SMB Super Mario's death sprite
-Changed some text
04/14/22  -Changed what I think SMW Super Mario's death sprite should look like
-Made SMAS SMB Super Mario taller in the bonk sprite

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Mar 5 2022, 5:57 PM
These sprites are really good! But the SMB1 ones could use a bit of work. For example, the spin jump sprites look like Mario's head is spinning but not his body.

But overall really great!
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Mar 12 2022, 4:23 PM
check the submission i made!
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