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Game Reviewed GBWare, by FabianLC
Review Author Mors
Created Sep 5 2019, 12:53 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Whoa a Godot game! It's quite unusual to come across those on MFGG.
Pros + The microgames are all fun
+ Some of them are really fun references (time to take a)
Cons - The "jokes" don't always land and aren't really as prominent as I'd expect from a Joke Game Competition entry
- While the music isn't bad, it's a bit behind everything else
- The interface could get a bit more polish
8 / 10
It's a WarioWare clone.

The microgames are all good.

The end.

Okay joking aside though, it's really just a WarioWare clone with a Game Boy theme, and with some "jokes" sprinkled in. I like the microgames themselves, they all seem to be on par with stuff you see in WarioWare games in terms of fun, though they aren't as original and creative as what those games throw at you.

As for the "jokes", some of them are funny, like the whole Fox vs. K. Rool microgame, but some aren't, like the Epic peanut butter jelly time banana from the internet's stone age. It really feels like the whole joke game aspect of the game was an afterthought, or was forced in to make the game fit the Joke Game Contest.

I still had fun though.
7 / 10
The microgames themselves look nice, some look a bit worse than others but that was also the case with the original WarioWare.

The interface though... yeaaah is not very pleasing to look at, especially the title screen. I suppose it is a bit rushed, but I guess that's understandable for a contest entry.
6 / 10
The music's alright I guess, it's not bad but it's a bit too simplistic even for Game Boy standards.
Final Words
7 / 10
A surprisingly fun WarioWare clone that's worth checking out.

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