Review Information
Game Reviewed Regular Toad Game, by Hypernova
Review Author MarioPanic
Created May 29 2020, 5:00 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
since i was a lazy guy and not typing that good of a review at 4 am, im rewriting this so i can be "for real" this time.
Pros good engine

nice story

fantastic backgrounds

neat style

and difficulty
Cons randomly placed black shadows and all that stuff

jumps that are very hard to get

hahaha did i mention the randomly spawn waffle things? no i did not.
9 / 10
plays like a generic mario game, but it still lives up because its very responsive and feels very good. the only problem i have is that you have to spam the z button to just get a higher jump off goombas and bullet bills, why not that? but anyway its a good engine that is like megaman and mario...? yeah.
8 / 10
the full ms paint graphics looks very good and the animation is smooth (only for the sword animation). i do have to say that sometimes they are reused from turd feast games (goombas and tree's and others) but that's not really a problem, i see people reusing sprites because they can't make other sprites or they are a little lazy (like me) to make a new sprite. but yeah the game has some good graphics and... that's all i have to say about the graphics.
7 / 10
the sounds are properly put in the right place and the music is nice too, i do love the dream music mostly. good vibes, though i had this one problem. when i died at the final boss when it turned into toad the health bar was still charging and playing the sound for some strange reason. overall, nice music and sound choices.
Final Words
8 / 10
very nice game nova, best one yet from you.

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