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Game Reviewed Super Crown Land, by Hello
Review Author hellosammu
Created May 16 2020, 9:03 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Bowsette in 2020? Oh boy. Yep, about what I'd expect from the combination of that and Hello Fangaming.
Pros It gave me something to do.
Cons Horrible level design, music choices, and gameplay.
1 / 10
The movement is abhorrent. The deceleration when changing directions ESPECIALLY on controller makes it an honest to god chore to control. The camera is not my favorite, either. Having to pause what you're doing to move the camera, which takes you out of any immersion there may be, is a tad silly. It's alright with a mouse at best, but with controller, it needs to be faster when you have fully tilted your stick. The levels are also very barren and don't have anything memorable or really a point to them? Your worry with completing a level should be the level itself, not controlling your character.

The cave levels gave me the biggest headaches. The camera and lighting are not good. For box moving portions in levels, I think it should lock your character onto the box more, like typical Mario games do it. And dear god, please rework that Wii U section.

It's just all over the place.
1 / 10
Some animations don't go as fast as they should, such as goombas being provoked. Also, when a character falls from a spot then starts walking, the idle animation should not need to finish.

The lighting is not very good, and I'd suggest working on the sampling / AA, whether that requires you to up it or what. Just tweak it, the visuals remind me of an early Xbox 360 title, except somehow worse? Just a suggestion, without doing it OVERBOARD, maybe add some more bloom and things to make the visuals pop - the game looks like a 3 day class project. Something I have never understood about your fangames that's translated into the 3D space is your use of random colors in areas they don't deem fit? Like random greens and purples?

Also, the font, oh dear god, the font. It looks so bad. And the use of so much fanart.
2 / 10
I'd really suggest leveling the audio. Some sound effects sound like they're going to pierce my ears but others are too quiet. If you open them in a program such as Audacity, you can see the inconsistencies. Since you didn't really make much of the sounds, there's not much inherently bad about the sounds used. Why is Bowser's voice still Bowser? Is it so that all the other -ettes you have around the map make more sense and can be differentiated? Every time I jump I notice it because it doesn't fit.
Final Words
1 / 10
I'm not sure what to say about this aside from, don't play it to save your own time. Hello, I think you really need to go back and watch some beginner guides to level design.

I, and many others, are convinced these games are jokes, and for your own sake, I hope they are too.

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