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Game Reviewed Super Mario - Turd Feast 4, by Hypernova
Review Author WUP Games
Created May 15 2020, 4:35 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
I have played all the Turd Feast games and this one is my favorite. If you want to play this series, either play them all or only this one if you want to save time. This game is a good laugh but be willing to spare some time to beat it.
Pros -Good jokes
-MUCH improved physics engine (no bugs to be found here)
-Bonus content
-Minigame, much like how Mario Bros. was included in the Super Mario Advance games + M&L:SS
Cons -Boring parts are sometimes encountered, like the shooting levels, as it goes on for a bit and it isn't very captivating. The Pokemon battle is the worst level in the game IMO as it just drags on.
-Concepts which could be more fleshed out, like the Purple Coin level and Race feel like an afterthought
6 / 10
The gameplay is all right. The Mario only levels are a bit basic and I thought the Luigi paint gun levels were the best.
9 / 10
Funny, charming artstyle, not much else to say, though not absolutely perfect in every way
10 / 10
Good music choices for each level
Final Words
7 / 10
A fun, lighthearted game that leaves the player wondering if something could have been done better. 7.3/10

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