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Game Reviewed You Don't Know Luigi demo 1, by Syr
Review Author realspritesmanship
Created Jul 16 2020, 11:24 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
not too bad, but not too great either.
Pros i thought the story was cute. i liked the new characters, even if they were recolors.
Cons -you can't jump on downward slopes. why?
-how is anyone supposed to know you have to push the green trampoline to get over the wall in scarlet's castle. there was no sign or anything that made that clear, and it's what i had been stuck on for years until i figured it out about an hour ago.
-what am i supposed to do after i've beaten the final boss? talking to mickie just gives me her hub world text box, and daisy and scarlet don't even say anything.
-i kinda wish the original characters had unique designs instead of being recolors.
-i wish the art was more consistent.
6 / 10
luigi nearly stops on a dime and can stomp enemies easily even with a very small jump. most of the levels are way too short and have nothing going on. the boss fights are glitchy and in most cases very easy once you learn their patterns. the kamek levels are unpredictable, i don't think he should be able to hit you while he fades in, when you can't even see him at all. the final boss battle was way too chaotic.
5 / 10
there is way too much clashing aethetics here. stuff from mario world, yoshi's island (ds?), super princess peach, the mario & luigi games, new super mario bros. ds, etc. the original sprites aren't too interesting, the paint guy looks kinda funny though. the recolors are...ok.
8 / 10
most of the music chosen fits very well with the themes of the levels. a lot of the sound effects do get repetitive though.
Final Words
7 / 10
this could've been a lot more than what it turned out to be, but it's a decent start.

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