Super Mario Bros. - Hills and Trees By: SuperSledgeBro
"Hills and Trees" background ripped from the SNES ports of "Super Mario Bros." and "Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels".

The sheet contains the full background, some variants, a color palette and some notes. This may be the most complete rip of this background.

Let me explain the weird division of "section 1A", "section 1B", "version 1", "version 2": I found out that not only there are two versions of the first part of this background, (one being from SMB, the other from TLL) the whole background also differs slightly depending on whether you're playing SMAS or SMAS+SMW. I am aiming for completion, and I thought it was better to include all the variants I found in this single sheet instead of uploading two sheets with nearly-identical content.
Type Info
Format Sprite Sheets Sprites and animation frames saved in a static image medium.
Contents Ripped Sprites ripped directly from a game.

Update History
07/16/20  Fixed information.
06/06/20  Submission is now classified as "Sprite Sheets" instead of "Tilesets".

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