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Game Reviewed Normal Super Mario Bros., by gamester
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Created Sep 4 2019, 9:26 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
bill clinton
Pros + It's pretty much a shitpost video game from late 2000s, what else can you ask for?
+ Colorful!
+ You can never guess what happens next
Cons - A bit short
- The fullscreen mode stretches the image out
- The game seems to be running at 30fps, except of the very beginning and ending weirdly enough
- THe gampelay is a bit simplistic compared to later games in the series
6 / 10
The concept is pretty neat concept I'd say, it's like SMB1 except Mario is on fuzzies, and everything is, well, not normal.

The actual gameplay though, is alright. There are a few different challenges you go through, like jumping on Bill Clinton Goombas, and none of them are very hard or that much entertaining. There's not much else to say about the gameplay without spoiling the entire game though, it's kinda funny I guess but that's about it.

It also ends a bit too quickly, but since I guess that's much better than the game dragging out.
6 / 10
Yeah there's some sprite clashing or whatever, but I guess that's fine for a game like this. Besides that though, it looks pretty decent, the game does a pretty good job at making it not look, well, normal. I think the later NSMB games did a better job at that though.

Oh and just like most other games from that era, NSMB also stretches the image at fullscreen, kind of ruining the image for me. On windowed mode it's way too small too, so I had to use the magnifier app to be able to play the game which wasn't... ideal.
7 / 10
The music was a bit low quality, but it was very fitting and charming otherwise. The sound effects are pretty much what you'd expect too. No real complaints here.
Final Words
6 / 10
Yep, "normal"...

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