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Game Reviewed Luigi's Quest On The Internet, by n sixties 4
Review Author JumperK
Created Apr 7 2022, 6:17 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Before I rag on this game, do know that I'm not doing this out of malice; game development is hard, no matter what type of game it is, so regardless of the amount of effort put into this, I do respect them putting the time and effort into making something they want.
Pros - At least, the game uses appropriate graphics & sounds. Sometimes.
- The sliding mechanic was pretty fun.
Cons - The level designs are terrible.
- There isn't a consistent artstyle throughout the game.
- Enemy & Hazard placement, although fair in the first few levels, are worse in the later levels.
3 / 10
For starters, there is bad level design that crop up as soon as the first (tutorial) level: Leap of Faiths. Never (and I mean never) use Leap of Faiths without utilizing some visual cue that there is in fact ground below (the signs help, but most players probably wouldn't stop to read the sign).

The iconic Flip Blocks from SMW have an annoying new property: they disappear for a few moments before reappearing. They are still solid, but trying to land on disappearing ground isn't fun.

Later on, there are enemies & hazards that are placed in such a way that you'd have no time to react, causing you to die at least once.

The Power-Ups are also lame: Iron Flower that makes you drop through Semi-Solids? And I thought the Spring Mushroom was the worst Power-Up in the Mario series..

The controls for Green Mario is like trying to push a boulder down a hill when going from a standstill to running, which might not seem like much, but considering that this game throws in enemies & hazards before you can react later on in the game, trust me you'll get upset quick.

The flying section, although brief, is the best part of the game, albeit boring.
2 / 10
It's a hodge-podge of different graphics, mostly from Google Images (seriously, the aforementioned flying section is mostly images from Google), and almost none of them match at all.

Even in the cutscenes, Lugee changes from one style to another.
3 / 10
The music, like with the Graphics, are various different tracks from different sources (like Undertale) that are not fitting most of the game.

The sounds are also from various different sources, but at least works with most of the game (Player 2's voices are a good example of this, although it gets repetitive fast).
Final Words
3 / 10
I give up.
This game has a lot of problems.

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Apr 7 2022, 6:25 AM
Also, sorry if it isn't up to standards; I'm not much of a reviewer (let alone it being my first time reviewing a game).

And n sixties, if you are reading this, don't give up. I see potential in something decent, or even great if you practice much more.
Heck, I even have made terrible games in the early 2000s (most of them aren't uploaded on the internet (thank goodness), but do take it from me, they ain't good).

Just take this as a learning experience, and try again next time.

Good luck.
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n sixties 4
Apr 14 2022, 1:30 AM
Well sorry for creating the video game equivalent of a toilet. I would like to make a seaquel for it that fixes all the problems and make slower enimies. Even I hated the level design! And this game was supposed to be a throwback to old fangames that made zero sense whatsoever. I will try to fix the level design though
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