SMAS SMB1 Custom World Map Tileset By: Crafink
A custom world map in the style of SMB1! Includes the 6 terrain types from SMB3, player sprites, new and restyled map decorations, and background elements from the levels as scenery. Credit is appreciated, and further credit is listed on the sheet.
Type Info
Format Tilesets Backgrounds broken into a set of tiles.
Contents Original Sprites that are made completely from scratch.

Update History
04/17/22  Fixed some mistakes
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Turret 3471
Apr 17 2022, 4:19 PM
Been waiting a long time for something like this. Amazing job here!
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TheToastBunny Productions
Apr 17 2022, 4:43 PM
I like it, good job 👍
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Apr 18 2022, 1:07 AM
Well, there we go! We finally got the Super Mario Bros. DX Level map in 16-Bit at last!
Well done on these!
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Apr 18 2022, 2:24 AM
You should add a poison recolor!
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Apr 18 2022, 6:52 PM
Oh wow, this looks great! Definitely seems like a useful overworld tileset, especially if you're a fan of the SMB DX overworld or the one from the lost Satellaview title.

Good job with it Crafink!
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Apr 18 2022, 11:58 PM
Wow, this is pretty impressive! I like what I see. It's really expansive too
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Apr 19 2022, 9:04 PM
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Apr 20 2022, 8:51 PM
This is awesome! I needed this for so long!
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Apr 27 2022, 5:30 AM
Oh wow, this is awesome! This is going to be super useful!
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