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Luigi SMB3 Nes Style Sheet By: JustACyanYoshi576
My First Sheet!! Yay!!
This are Luigi's recolors from Super Mario All Stars to be SMB3 Nes style.
Nitratez (From tSR) Ripped Luigi from SMB3 16-Bit.
Drshnaps (From tSR) Ripped Mario Bros. from SMB3 NES (Needed Luigi's Palette)
Extra Poses were edited from Wario Bros' SMA4 Luigi All Stars Poses)
Yoshi Ride poses are a hybrid between SMBX and Luigi's All Stars Sprites from Super Mario World (Mister Man from tSR ripped them)

Also,Cyber47509 Edited SMAS SMB3 Kings to Nes Style (I used World 7 King for my FC) and IT Ripped Yoshi Challenge sprites from SMA (Sheet was used for Eggs)
Give credit if used!!!
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Sprite Sheets Sprites and animation frames saved in a static image medium.

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dumbmoonlight Oct 27 2018, 2:10 AM
Simple and useful, just how I like it.
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