Practical Test Tileset By: Theopold
A practical super-tileset designed for every test room in both SMW and SMBX, inspired by SuperSledgeBro and partially Sonickade. This tileset uses 12 colors and 100 tiles, each of which is 16x16. The BG is meant to be pitch-black.

The tileset contains:
- Every possible combination of collision for square blocks
- 45 degree slopes with semi-solid variants
- 11 BG blocks
- On/Off blocks with corresponding !-blocks
- Utility tiles like ?-blocks, brick-like blocks, and spinning blocks
- Mobility tiles like music blocks, water, and wall triangles
- Consumables like star coins, mooms, coins, and P-switches
- Platforms like metallic blocks, donuts, and small blocks
- Miscellaneous blocks like anti-jump blocks, spikes, and monkey bars
- 2 types of pipes, with connectors included

Future plans:
- Conveyor belts
- Organization
- Sprites
- More Mario Run blocks
- More P-switches
- A second mini-tileset, with a checkerboard aesthetic
- "Sizable" objects
- Mini pipes
- More types of platforms
- More types of small blocks
- SMB3 Wood Blocks
Type Info
Format Tilesets Backgrounds broken into a set of tiles.
Contents Original Sprites that are made completely from scratch.

Update History
10/12/20  Added "SMB3 Wood Blocks" to the future plans.
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