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Game Reviewed Super Mario Sandbox, by MightySlurm
Review Author SilverVortex
Created Jun 30 2019, 6:24 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
let me just say how surprised i am. i expected nothing short of mediocre from this game, mostly due to mario maker fangame prejudice, since most other ones, apart from unimaker, smbx and remaker etc., are pretty bad. but wow! this game is great! let's get into it, shall we?
Pros - very fluid and responsive controls
- lots of entity elements from super mario maker exist (munchers are killed by POW blocks, enemies reacting to sideways springs, etc.)
- entity values work quite well and are a unique idea to replace shaking. this especially works for pipes, so now i don't have to go to the trouble of coding in a warp point a la mario editor.
- very faithful to mario 1.
Cons - very lackluster in the enemies department...i know this is a demo, but still.
- no way (as far as i can tell) to have a second area.
- only mario 1 is available.
- why do you have to collect the coin yourself after you hit a block...?
- even after reading the subtype's still confusing.
10 / 10
spot on, and faithful to mario 1's engine. yes, sometimes the coin blocks can be troublesome, yes, sometimes i wish i could use a controller, but yes, it's all-around great.
7 / 10
the graphics clash just the tiniest bit, mario uses his modern colours, while everything else stays proper nes styled. not my favourite way to see a mario game. either way, still okay to look at.
4 / 10
it's the same songs looping over and over again...and that slightly bothers me. you could've just added the super mario maker editor music. even then, the music doesn't loop properly!
down to the sound effects themselves...sigh. same old same old nes sounds, except when enemies spawn, which gives the super mario world door sound, and when you throw a fireball, which gives you the super mario world fireball sound...? why?
9 / 10
HELL YEAH! i'd love to see more added to this game so i can give the replayability score the 10/10 it deserves!
Final Words
9 / 10
all-round a fun mario maker clone that's worthy enough to be pinned to my taskbar.

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